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Multiple Personalities Documentary, residents in dark about child abuse

"They seemed like nice people. I'd wave to them."
neighbor describing couple accused of severe abuse

Multiple Personalities Documentary
In early times, evil spirits were thought to possess people and make them act in strange and frightening ways. By the 1800's, the study of this hysteria led some doctors to believe one person could have separately functioning personalities.

In this rare research film from the 1920's, a woman has different personalities who believes they are separate people. One is a male that is not comfortable in women’s clothes. Another is a small child. The affliction has been known by different names, but recognized for centuries. Today it is called multiple personality disorder.

Why have they become tormented and broken into different personalities? What is the childhood pain that lies buried in the unknown depths of their mind? How can they search for the deadly memories that holds the secrets of their paths and the promise of their healing? http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/multiple-personalities/

Gloucester residents in dark as child abuse came to light

By Joanne Kimberlin The Virginian-Pilot June 5, 2011

This rural community isn't used to making headlines, especially the kind it's had lately....perhaps the worst case of child abuse ever in these parts - one that speaks volumes about what can hide behind closed doors. On April 28, deputies checking a home for stolen goods discovered a naked, starving little girl inside a filthy, makeshift cage. Under a shed nearby, they found the remains of a baby....

Up until a few weeks ago, the trailer was home to Brian and Shannon Gore. Both have longtime roots in the area and no record of trouble with the law. Shannon, 25, worked at the Bojangles restaurant in nearby Yorktown. Brian, 29, listed his occupation as "HVAC Service Tech" on a Gloucester High School reunion website.

On a video posted to their Myspace pages, the Gores look like any other young couple. It was taken in 2008 on Shannon's birthday, the day Brian got down on one knee and proposed to her in a crowded restaurant. Shannon beams, hugs Brian and admires her new ring. Family and friends ooh, ahh and applaud.

But behind that happy moment, the couple already had dark secrets: two children, both born at home, with no medical assistance. One was hidden away; the other was buried in the yard - dead from causes that, so far, remain a mystery.

Ron Smith, one of Shannon Gore's attorneys, has told media that the couple concealed the pregnancies because they weren't married, though no one has explained how they hid Shannon's swollen belly in small-town Gloucester....

Edwards, who has three kids of her own, said the couple strolled the neighborhood with their new baby, who appeared well-cared for.

"I didn't know either of them very well," Edwards said, "but she sent over bottles and pacifiers when my baby was born, and I'd see him out cutting the grass. They seemed like nice people. I'd wave to them."

Despite the thin walls and cramped space of trailer park living, "None of us knew they had a daughter," Edwards said. "We never heard her cry or anything. Not even people who've been inside their house."

It all came to light when a burglary investigation led Gloucester detectives to the Gores' trailer. Shannon Gore was suspected of selling about an ounce of stolen gold to an auction house - bars of bullion that had been swiped from a home in the county.

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