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2013: Why no prosecution or publicity for child sex abuse and mass murders?, 20% rise in reports of historic offences to Devon and Cornwall Police following Savile scandal

2013: Why no prosecution or publicity for child sex abuse and mass murders?
Judy Byington Saratoga Springs Child Abuse Examiner

December 30, 2013

The early December discovery of 30 child skeletons in a mass grave on the grounds of a United Church residential school for native children in Port Alberni, B.C. has garnered no mass media excitement.

The unmarked graves should have been no surprise."At least 28 mass graves containing the remains of indigenous children who died in the 'care' of religious and government institutions have been discovered" read the 15 April 2008 headline of the Mohawk Nation News - another story that never made it to the mainstream press....

According to advocates, the intermingling of child abuse by church and state appeared widespread.  ,  and

Government mind-control survivors approached members of Congress. You can sign the petition requesting an investigation at: 

20% rise in reports of historic offences to Devon and Cornwall Police following Savile scandal
By Exeter Express and Echo December 31, 2013

High profile sexual abuses cases including that of disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile have led to a 20% rise in reports of historic offences to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Savile, now exposed as a predatory paedophile, is thought to have targeted hundreds of youngsters across the country in attacks spanning from 1955 to 2009.

Investigations have been launched into complaints that four youngsters were abused by the star during visits to the Royal Marines’ prestigious Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, in East Devon. Another attack is said to have taken place at a mental health facility in Exeter in 1970....

Devon and Cornwall Police said 40% of all sexual offences now reported to them were historic – with a 20% increase (or 157 crimes) in complaints so far this year.

Detective Superintendent Paul Northcott, head of public protection at Devon and Cornwall Police, said the figures were “really positive” and reflected victims’ growing confidence in being treated seriously....

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The Soviet Union spent $1 billion on mind-control program

Exposed: The Soviet Union spent $1 billion on mind-control program
December 29, 2013
THE race to put man on the Moon wasn't enough of a battle for the global super powers during the Cold War.

At the time, the Soviet Union and the United States were in an arms race of a bizarre, unconventional kind - that has been exposed in a new report.

Beginning in 1917 and continuing until 2003, the Soviets poured up to $1 billion into developing mind-controlling weaponry to compete with similar programs undertaken in the US.

While much still remains classified, we can now confirm the Soviets used methods to manipulate test subjects' brains.

The paper, by Serge Kernbach, at the Research Centre of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science in Stuttgart, Germany, details the Soviet Union's extensive experiments, called "psychotronics". The paper is based on Russian technical journals and recently declassified documents....
Unconventional research in USSR and Russia: short overview

Serge Kernbach

    This work briefly surveys unconventional research in Russia from the end of the 19th until the beginning of the 21th centuries in areas related to generation and detection of a 'high-penetrating' emission of non-biological origin. The overview is based on open scientific and journalistic materials. The unique character of this research and its history, originating from governmental programs of the USSR, is shown. Relations to modern studies on biological effects of weak electromagnetic emission, several areas of bioinformatics and theories of physical vacuum are discussed. 

Unconventional research in USSR and Russia:
short overview Serge Kernbach

—This work briefly surveys unconventional research in Russia from the end of the 19th until the beginning of the 21th centuries in areas related to generation and detection of a ’high-penetrating’ emission of non-biological origin. The overview is based on open scientific and journalistic  materials. The unique character of this research and its history, originating from governmental programs of the USSR, is shown. Relations to modern
studies on biological effects of weak electromagnetic emission, several areas of bioinformatics and theories of physical vacuum
are discussed.

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Pa. court reverses conviction of Roman Catholic church official jailed in clergy abuse scandal

Pa. court reverses conviction of Roman Catholic church official jailed in clergy abuse scandal
December 26, 2013
Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA –  A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that a Roman Catholic church official was wrongly convicted for his handling of priest sex-abuse complaints.

The unanimous decision released Thursday by the state Superior Court also dismisses the criminal case against Monsignor William Lynn.

Lynn has been serving three to six years in prison after his child-endangerment conviction last year. Prosecutors had argued that Lynn reassigned predators to new parishes in Philadelphia when he was secretary for clergy from 1992 to 2004....

But Lynn's attorneys contended the state's child-endangerment law at the time applied only to parents and caregivers, not supervisors like Lynn.

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Neighbour who helped free Ariel Castro's captives to write a memoir, Castlewood Treatment Center lawsuit dismissed

Neighbour who helped free Ariel Castro's captives to write a memoir
Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight and Berry's 6-year-old daughter escaped to freedom May 6

AP 22 Dec 2013

The man who famously put aside his Big Mac to help rescue three women held captive in a Cleveland house for over a decade has signed a contract to publish his memoirs.

Charles Ramsey signed the deal with the Cleveland publisher David Gray & Co. on Thursday.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight and Berry's 6-year-old daughter escaped to freedom May 6.... 

Castlewood Treatment Center is on a new course

Regarding “Castlewood lawsuit is drawing to a close” (Dec. 16):

Even though the referenced cases have been dismissed and those issues resolved, a small group of people continues to cause harm by making negative comments in the media and online. The tragedy in this is that their actions could prevent people who need treatment for eating disorders from seeking help for this serious and challenging disease — either at Castlewood or another treatment center.

Millions of people suffer from eating disorders; they have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. And the reality is that trauma is often part of the illness, so when there is documented history of trauma, we treat it. It would be a tragedy if therapists avoid treating clients with eating disorders and trauma because they want to limit risks.

Our therapy incorporates evidence-based treatments and is individualized for each person under our care. Hypnosis is not practiced at Castlewood....

Our program has been thoroughly reviewed and recently received the highest level of professional accreditation from two esteemed organizations. We have successfully treated more than a thousand individuals by addressing underlying issues that help them transform to healthier lives....

Nancy Albus   Ballwin
CEO, Castlewood Treatment Center

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Ian Watkins case: three police forces investigated by IPCC

Ian Watkins case: three police forces investigated by IPCC  The police watchdog is now investigating three forces over claims they failed to act quickly enough after receiving abuse allegations against Ian Watkins
By Miranda Prynne, News Reporter
18 Dec 2013

The police watchdog is investigating three forces over the slow handling of complaints against the paedophile singer of rock band Lostprophets.

Ian Watkins, 36, is due to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to 13 child sex offences including the attempted rape of a baby boy at Cardiff Crown Court.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) started investigating South Wales Police almost a year ago over claims the force failed to act quickly enough having allegedly been told Watkins was planning to abuse children as early as 2008.

The IPCC confirmed that South Wales Police was handed information about Watkins from five other forces before his arrest.

In was confirmed last month the IPCC had launched a second investigation over the handling of a complaint made against Watkins to South Yorkshire Police in 2012....

A major part of the probe into South Wales Police centres on a detective sergeant who is also being investigated over separate allegations he failed to act after being told a 15-year-old girl had been raped, the IPCC said.

It also emerged that South Wales Police are now looking at whether Watkins also committed offences in Germany and America....

From early 2010 fans who had become friends with Watkins went online to beg for help after discovering vile child abuse images on his computer.

Friends claim they called police to tell them the 36-year-old was a paedophile but officers did nothing, allowing him to go on to subject babies to the most horrific abuse.... 

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Saddle River lawyer admits to sex trafficking of young boy across Europe, child p_rn distribution

Saddle River lawyer admits to sex trafficking of young boy across Europe, child porn distribution
By James Kleimann December 19, 2013

NEWARK — A prominent Bergen County corporate lawyer has pleaded guilty to the sex trafficking of a six-year-old boy across Europe, while separately admitting that he had distributed hundreds of graphic images and videos of child porn, some of which depicted small children being raped.

Edward M. De Sear, 67, of Saddle River, was sentenced in Newark federal court on Thursday to 17.5 years in prison, and was ordered to pay $1.2 million in restitution to his victims, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said Thursday. He pleaded guilty to one count of sex trafficking of a child and four counts of distribution of child pornography.

According to federal prosecutors, De Sear, who was formerly a partner at New York firm Allen & Overy, paid a man cash in June of 2011 to travel with his six-year-old son from Paris to Brussels, Belgium, where he sexually abused the boy....

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed, Woman killed in human sacrifice ritual in Nalasopara, 6 arrested

Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed
December 16, 2013  By Blythe Bernhard

Two years after Lisa Nasseff accused psychologist Mark Schwartz of implanting her with false memories of sexual abuse and satanic cult activity, her lawsuit against Castlewood Treatment Center and its former director will be dismissed Friday, according to filings in St. Louis County Circuit Court.

Attorneys say Nasseff’s case was resolved favorably for both sides. Few details were available. The case appeared headed for settlement, then last month the court file indicated the case would be dismissed.

Separate lawsuits from three other women with similar claims of brainwashing, hypnosis and concocted memories during their lengthy stays at the eating disorder treatment clinic on the outskirts of Castlewood State Park in Ballwin appear headed to the same conclusion.

But an additional 25 to 30 families across the country who have formed the group Castlewood Victims Unite say the dismissal of the cases and the expected confidentiality agreements are disappointing....

Castlewood staff deny the allegations of brainwashing and say no therapist has ever created false memories or hypnotized clients.

Since the fourth lawsuit was filed by Colette Travers in late 2012, Castlewood has made sweeping changes to its leadership team and public relations strategy....

The decision for Schwartz and Galperin to step down was made by the couple, the Castlewood board of directors and the owners, Trinity Hunt Partners of Dallas, which bought the sprawling treatment center in 2008. At the time of the agency’s $25 million move into behavioral health, Trinity Hunt referred to Schwartz and Galperin as “highly regarded clinicians with extensive experience in treating individuals suffering from eating disorders and psychological trauma.” Their departure is not related to the lawsuits, according to Nancy Albus, who has worked at Castlewood for 10 years and was promoted to CEO a year ago....

“It’s time to really address some of the misperceptions and misrepresentations and show the quality of care we provide,” Albus said in a recent interview inside the spacious home where 16 men and women can live while undergoing intensive therapy for eating disorders. Castlewood’s properties include space for 26 residential clients as well as outpatient services....

Eating disorders have the highest death rate of any mental illness. Some residents of Castlewood are so ill that they require feeding tubes, and others are so weak that they use wheelchairs. Almost all are also dealing with anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. About half of the people who come to Castlewood have been deemed treatment failures by other facilities, according to staff members.

Much of the debate surrounding Castlewood has been its use of a therapy called internal family systems, which involves encouraging patients to improve the parts of themselves that are destructive. Several experts in eating disorders have said internal family systems is not the standard of care because malnourished patients and those on psychotropic drugs are particularly vulnerable to having their memories and personalities twisted.

Jim Gerber, Castlewood’s clinical director, said internal family systems is just one of the options available to residents, and that accessing painful memories is a part of the healing process. People who have compartmentalized memories might need help to access them during therapy, but it’s not a “fishing expedition,” he said.

“We have to deal with a person’s past experience,” Gerber said. “The goal is for a person to come to an understanding of their life to deal with what they struggle with in the present. In no intervention does someone say ‘this happened to you.’”

Several alumni and current residents who agreed to recent interviews at the facility say they credit Castlewood with saving their lives and could not relate to the experiences detailed in the lawsuits.

Woman killed in human sacrifice ritual in Nalasopara, 6 arrested

Sandhya Nair, TNN Dec 15, 2013

MUMBAI: A day after the state assembly passed the anti-superstition bill, a tantrik and five others were arrested by Thane rural police for killing a 50-year-old woman in a human sacrifice ritual.... 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lostprophets' Ian Watkins sentenced to 35 years over child sex offences, Is there government cover-up of child genocide and mass graves?

Lostprophets' Ian Watkins sentenced to 35 years over child sex offences  18 December 2013

Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has been sentenced to 35 years for a string of child sex offences including the attempted rape of a baby.

Watkins, 36, from Pontypridd, pleaded guilty at Cardiff Crown Court last month to 13 child sex offences.

His two co-defendants, who are the mothers of children he abused, were jailed for 14 and 17 years....


Police watchdog the IPCC is investigating three forces over their handling of allegations made about Ian Watkins between 2008-2012.

South Yorkshire, Bedfordshire and South Wales are being investigated over information received about Watkins prior to his arrest in December 2012.

Three other forces, Essex, West Yorkshire and the Metropolitan Police, also supplied information that they had been given about Watkins for the inquiry but are not currently under investigation.

An officer from South Wales is the focus of the IPCC probe there.

Three reports were made to South Yorkshire between March and May 2012 relating to Watkins.

A member of the public reported an allegation of child abuse against Watkins in October 2012 to Bedfordshire Police.

Is there government cover-up of child genocide and mass graves?                    

Judy Byington Saratoga Springs Child Abuse Examiner
December 18, 2013

Thirty small skeletons were discovered in an unmarked mass grave-site at the Port Alberni BC United Church of Canada residential school for native children....

The United Church child burial site was accidentally found in September by pipe fitters and two months after a July 17 2013 Brampton Guardian article accused the school of deliberately starving children to death in government experiments.

Evidence of US and Canadian church and state's genocide of children dated to the 1800s and continued through the 1990s. This abuse, rape and murder of "throw-away" children is thought covered up by the Canadian-US governments and military doing mind control experiments in connection with Lutheran, Catholic and United Churches, plus 80 US and Canadian institutions including 44 colleges and universities. The traumatization of children to create "super spies" began at least by 1953 when the CIA imported Nazi specialists from Hitler's Germany for human experiments in the US and Canada and a mind control program eventually known as MKULTRA.

The media has remained silent on this child holocaust, though thousands of pieces of evidence used in the 2013 ITCCS international court was documented in Kevin Annett's "Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, past and present."   ....

The problem of child exploitation by church and state appeared extensive, went far beyond the 50,000 missing children and was said to involve international child exploitation rings. Survivors are gathering signatures for a Congressional investigation of the US involvement:

The petition and history of the government mind control program can be found at:

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Prep school paedophiles allowed to avoid justice, Model English prep school that hid a dark heart of depravity

Prep school paedophiles allowed to avoid justice
Andrew Norfolk Chief Investigative Reporter December 18 2013

Paedophile teachers turned one of England’s leading prep schools into a child-abuse factory for two decades but escaped justice for ten years because a judge decided that it was unfair to put one of them on trial, it can be revealed.

Peter Wright, the headmaster of Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire, was at the centre of a web that ensnared more than 30 boys.

Yesterday the 83-year-old was convicted of multiple sex offences against pupils at the school, which was attended by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Andrew Strauss, the former England cricket captain.

Model English prep school that hid a dark heart of depravity
Andrew Norfolk Chief Investigative Reporter
December 18 2013

Immaculate playing fields, impeccably dressed boys. It seemed the very model of a traditional English prep school, but its heart was rotten to the core. For two decades, parents eager for their sons to win entry to a top public school paid handsomely for the privilege of entrusting them to the care of Caldicott, whose pupils won scholarships to Harrow and Eton.

Many Old Caldicotians look back on those days with affection. Others, less so. Some — far too many — have been haunted for most of their adult life by memories of a childhood betrayed, of innocence stolen by men....

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2 Ohio kidnapping survivors ink book deals

2 Ohio kidnapping survivors ink book deals
Dec 16th 2013

NEW YORK (AP) - Two of the three Ohio women held captive for years in a Cleveland house have a book deal.

Viking announced Monday that it has acquired the planned book by Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. The book is currently untitled and is scheduled to come out in 2015.

Berry and DeJesus are working with Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporters Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan....

Berry, DeJesus and Michelle Knight were rescued in May and their kidnapper, Ariel Castro, was arrested and eventually sentenced to life in prison....

Knight is working on her own memoir, which Weinstein Books plans to publish next spring.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Report: VA lobotomized 2,000 disturbed veterans

Report: VA lobotomized 2,000 disturbed veterans
Dec. 11, 2013 Staff report

The U.S. government lobotomized roughly 2,000 mentally ill veterans — and likely hundreds more — during and after World War II, according to a cache of forgotten memos, letters and government reports unearthed by The Wall Street Journal....

Besieged by psychologically damaged troops returning from the battlefields of North Africa, Europe and the Pacific, the Veterans Administration performed the brain-altering operation on former servicemen it diagnosed as depressives, psychotics and schizophrenics, and occasionally on people identified as homosexuals, according to the report.

The VA’s use of lobotomy, in which doctors severed connections between parts of the brain then thought to control emotions, was known in medical circles in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and is occasionally cited in medical texts. But the VA’s practice, never widely publicized, long ago slipped from public view. Even the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says it possesses no records detailing the creation and breadth of its lobotomy program.

The Wall Street Journal’s reporting series began with Wednesday’s Forgotten Soldiers and included a documentary, archived photos, maps and medical records.

Lobotomy For World War II Veterans  Psychiatric Care by U.S. Government
Between April 1, 1947, and Sept. 30, 1950, VA doctors lobotomized 1,464 veterans at 50 hospitals authorized to perform the surgery, according to agency documents rediscovered by the Journal. Scores of records from 22 of those hospitals list another 466 lobotomies performed outside that time period, bringing the total documented operations to 1,930. Gaps in the records suggest that hundreds of additional operations likely took place at other VA facilities. The vast majority of the patients were men, although some female veterans underwent VA lobotomies, as well.

A Utah Law Prohibiting Polygamy Is Weakened

A Utah Law Prohibiting Polygamy Is Weakened 
Published: December 14, 2013

A federal judge has struck down parts of Utah’s anti-polygamy law as unconstitutional in a case brought by a polygamous star of a reality television series. Months after the Supreme Court bolstered rights of same-sex couples, the Utah case could open a new frontier in the nation’s recognition of once-prohibited relationships.

Judge Clark Waddoups of United States District Court in Utah ruled late Friday that part of the state’s law prohibiting “cohabitation” — the language used in the law to restrict polygamous relationships — violates the First Amendment guarantee of free exercise of religion, as well as constitutional due process. He left standing the state’s ability to prohibit multiple marriages “in the literal sense” of having two or more valid marriage licenses.

Judge Waddoups, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, wrote a 91-page decision that reflects — and reflects upon — the nation’s changing attitude toward government regulation of personal affairs and unpopular groups. The Supreme Court supported the power of states to restrict polygamy in an 1879 decision, Reynolds v. United States.

Judge Waddoups made clear that the Brown case was not an easy one for him, writing, “The proper outcome of this issue has weighed heavily on the court for many months.” He noted the shifts in the way the Constitution has been interpreted over the past century to increase protection for groups and individuals spurned by the majority....

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Child p_rn found on computer hard drive of senator’s fired chief of staff, court papers say

Child porn found on computer hard drive of senator’s fired chief of staff, court papers say

By Ann E. Marimow, Published: December 12, 2013

Federal investigators found hundreds of videos depicting underage boys engaging in sexually explicit conduct on a computer hard drive recovered from the home of the former chief of staff to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), according to court documents filed Thursday.

Jesse R. Loskarn, 35, was arrested this week on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography and will remain in custody before a detention hearing scheduled for Monday, a judge ruled....

Thursday, December 12, 2013

BBC TV chiefs ‘knew of Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse,’ says MP

BBC TV chiefs ‘knew of Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse,’ says MP
AN MP last night called for former BBC chiefs Mark Thompson and Helen Boaden to be hauled before Parliament to fully account for who knew what over the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.

By: Giles Sheldrick
Published: Thu, December 12, 2013

Tory Rob Wilson demanded action after a tape recording released yesterday suggests the disgraced DJ’s deeds were known by senior staff but this crucial evidence was omitted from the findings of an official investigation.

The five-minute edited recording of a conversation between former news executive Nick Pollard and an unnamed journalist was posted on the Guido Fawkes political blog.

Mr Pollard led a review into the sequence of events surrounding Newsnight’s shelved report into Savile’s activities which eventually led to a crisis at the corporation.

The Pollard review cost a staggering £2.8million but there were calls last night for a re-examination of the evidence surrounding the scandal.

In the recording Mr Pollard explains that he did not include in his review a claim by the BBC’s former director of news Helen Boaden that she had told then-director-general Mark Thompson that a proposed Newsnight report was looking into sex abuse allegations against late DJ Jimmy Savile – something that Mr Thompson denies....

BBC stands by report on dropped Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile abuse
12 Dec 2013  By Sam Adams

Questions were raised about the report's validity after Nick Pollard, who led the review, was taped discussing his failure to include certain evidence

The BBC has stood by the findings of a report into the dropped Newsnight investigation into the activities of paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile.

Questions were raised about the report's validity after Nick Pollard, who led the review, was taped discussing his failure to include certain evidence.

But Pollard has said he stands by the conclusions of the report and was tonight backed by the corporation's Trust, which insisted the findings were "robust".

Jimmy Savile scandal: The Pollard tape in full
The Telegraph publishes full tape recording of Nick Pollard suggesting that former BBC boss Mark Thompson lied when giving evidence about Jimmy Savile scandal
11 Dec 2013

Lord Patten warns Tory MP over Savile scandal evidence
Lord Patten warns Tory MP he risks legal action if he publishes evidence calling into question BBC's handling of Jimmy Savile scandal
By Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent
11 Dec 2013

Lord Patten, the chairman of the BBC Trust, has warned a Conservative MP that he risks legal action if he publishes evidence calling into question the corporation's handling of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Robert Wilson, Tory MP for Reading East, has obtained an audio recording in which the author of an independent inquiry into the scandal at the BBC reportedly undermines his own findings.

He is planning to publish the audio recording today but Lord Patten has written to him warning that he should be "weighing up the legal liabilities that might arise". .... 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Towards Healing clergy abuse points, CIA torturing children to create spies?

Royal Commission told clergy like 'rabbits in a headlight' after abuse policy roll-out   By Thomas Oriti  11 Dec 2013

The Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, says members of the clergy were caught like "rabbits in a headlight" when a pastoral and redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse was first rolled out.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is examining the Towards Healing process established by the Catholic Church in 1996....

Towards Healing key points:

    originally set up in 1996 to establish protocols for the church to deal with abuse cases
    the policy included the capacity for church authorities to make loans or reimburse an accused perpetrator's legal expenses
    it also established the role of director of professional standards for each State and Territory
    following a review in 2009 the church agreed to cooperate with police investigations
    the revised and current version of Towards Healing was published in January 2010
    2215 complaints have been received under the Towards Healing procedures
    over 60 per cent of all these abuse incidents occurred at a school, college, or orphanage
    the Christian Brothers received the largest number of complaints, followed by the Marist Brothers, and then the De La Salle brothers.
    a total of $43 million has been paid by all church authorities as a result of the complaints
    the highest reported reparation amount paid for a Towards Healing complaint was about $850,000 

CIA torturing children to create super-spies?
December 11, 2013
Judy Byington Saratoga Springs Child Abuse Examiner

"I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and torture. I was also experimented on and subjected to mind control” says a woman from Jersey City, NJ in a 2013 petition requesting a Congressional investigation:

Therapist Valerie Wolf stated, "When word got out that I was appearing at this (1995 Congressional) hearing, nearly 40 therapists across the country contacted me to talk about clients who had reported being subjects (as children) in radiation and mind-control experiments. . . electric shock, use of hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, dislocation of limbs and sexual abuse.  ....

This CIA mind-control program that tortures children into "super spies" began in 1953 with the import of Nazi mind-control specialists through Project Paperclip. The official version is that these torturous experiments on children were shut down in 1964 after survivors won a lawsuit against the CIA and Canadian Government. There were Congressional hearings on the human experiments in 1977 and 1995, but Congress voted not to release their findings, while survivor-witnesses asked for more investigation. The torture of children by government employees appears to continue today as survivors say they and their children are being accessed by the CIA program....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Australian paedophile Peter Truong jailed for 30 years in US after trafficking adopted son to Boy Lovers Network

Australian paedophile Peter Truong jailed for 30 years in US after trafficking adopted son to Boy Lovers Network
10 December 2013
A Queensland man who trafficked his adopted son to an international paedophile network has been sentenced to 30 years in jail by a US court....

Peter Truong and his partner Mark Newton bought the child, who the ABC will call Boy 1, for around $8,000 from Russia in 2005.

His birth papers were falsified to list Newton as his biological father, paving the way for Boy 1 to be adopted and brought to Queensland.

Police say the pair allowed at least eight men in several different countries, including Australia, the US, Germany and France, to molest the boy when he was between two and six years old.

Truong entered guilty pleas to one count of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child and conspiracy to possess child pornography....

Newton had earlier been sentenced to 40 years in jail for his crimes.

Truong and Newton evaded detection for six years, until a chance discovery exposed their depraved life and their paedophile network.

In 2011, New Zealand authorities discovered images revealing the boy had been used in child pornography....

Irish Catholic watchdog issues child abuse report, House advances child-abuse reforms

Irish Catholic watchdog issues child abuse report
December 10, 2013 AP News

LONDON (AP) — Only 12 of the hundreds of staff members accused of child abuse in Ireland's Christian Brothers order since the mid-1970s have been convicted, the watchdog of the country's Catholic Church said Tuesday.

The report from the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church looked into how the Christian Brothers, a Catholic order set up to run schools, handled abuse allegations. It said although abuse claims were made against 325 of the order's officials since 1975, only a dozen were convicted of crimes.

It was the latest setback for the Christian Brothers, whose history of running schools for boys across Ireland dates back to the early 1800s. The order's reputation has been damaged in recent years by the revelation of widespread child abuse in Irish Catholic institutions....   

House advances child-abuse reforms
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania's House of Representatives on Tuesday advanced several pieces of a child-abuse reform package stemming from the Jerry Sandusky and Roman Catholic clergy scandals.

Lawmakers gave final approval to measures to expand the definition of "perpetrator" in child-abuse cases and toughen penalties for assaults against children under certain circumstances.

The bills now move to the Senate, which is expected to send them on to Gov. Tom Corbett.

The legislation is part of a multi-bill package that's been in the works since shortly after Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State, was arrested in late 2011.... 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Catholic priest ran cult-like 'Charlie Brown' group to sexually abuse young girls, royal commission hears

Catholic priest ran cult-like 'Charlie Brown' group to sexually abuse young girls, royal commission hears

JANET FIFE-YEOMANS The Daily Telegraph
December 09, 2013

A CATHOLIC priest ran a cult-like group sexually abusing young girls giving them all the surname Brown, as in Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strip, the royal commission has been told.

Her voice wavering, one member of the group, Joan Isaacs, said Father Francis Derriman told her he was dying and had to have sex with her first.

He fathered a child with another girl in the group when she was 17.

Ms Isaacs said: "Frank Derriman used the Peanut comic as a platform and used the surname Brown in reference to himself, the other three children and me."

At the time in 1967 and 1968, Father Derriman was a priest with the Archdiocese of Brisbane and chaplain of Sacred Heart Sandgate in Brisbane, she told the commission.

After two committals and trial, Father Derriman was in 1998 eventually convicted of sexually abusing Mrs Isaacs, now aged 60, and sentenced to one year behind bars, to be suspended after he served just six months.

"Father Derriman created a cult like group which included myself and three other children," Mrs Isaacs, 60, said....

"I have maintained friendships with the other three children in the Brown group. The two girls out of the group have told me that Frank Derriman also sexually abused them. One of them took steps to have him criminally charged in respect of her sexual abuse and the other girl fathered Frank Derriman's child at the age 17 years."....

Mrs Isaacs said she later went through the Catholic Church's Towards Healing process expecting to be treated with warmth, dignity and respect but later discovered that everything that was said to her during the process, including the apology, had been drafted by a church lawyer beforehand.

Reluctantly she ended up signing a deed of release with the church that banned her from discussing what happened to her, including the Towards Healing process, with anyone including her husband or to make "disparaging remarks" about the church.

She received enough compensation to buy $5000 worth of Coles-Myer shares and a sewing machine....

She said she had felt silenced for the past 12 years since signing the confidentiality agreement with the church. The royal commission has negotiated with the church to lift all those suppression agreements....

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2014 Conference - Survivors Supporting Survivors

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2014 Conference - Survivors Supporting Survivors

Survivorship is pleased to announce our 2014 conference: "Survivors Supporting Survivors,"  May 17 – 18, 2014 at the Executive Inn & Suites in Oakland, CA. The 2014 conference honors the 25th anniversary of Survivorship, the  longest established organization in the country serving survivors of mind control and ritual abuse.

The conference Keynote Speaker is Jennifer Freyd, Ph.D. The topic of her talk is:  What we have learned about Interpersonal and Institutional Betrayal Trauma.

Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. She received her BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D in Psychology from Stanford University. Professor Freyd directs a laboratory investigating the impact of interpersonal and institutional trauma on mental and physical health, behavior, and society. She has published over 150 articles and she is author of the award-winning Harvard Press book Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse and she co-edited with Anne DePrince the volume, Trauma & Cognitive Science.  Her new co-authored book Blind to Betrayal was published in English by John Wiley & Sons in March 2013.  It has been translated into Traditional Chinese and Portuguese.  Additional translations of her Blind to Betrayal into Simple Chinese, Russian, and Korean are in process.  Freyd has received numerous honors including the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Science in Trauma Psychology from the American Psychological Association's Trauma Division.  She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  She currently serves as the Editor of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation. 

Conference registration details and speaker information will be regularly updated at:

Government 'gave money to child sex ring in 70s'

Government 'gave money to child sex ring in 70s' : Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations

    Government allegedly gave tens of thousands of pounds to Paedophile Information Exchange, which openly campaigned to legalise child sex
    Extraordinary move triggered by Permanent Secretary Mark Sedwill
    Labour MP Tom Watson says retired Home Office employee told him he had raised concerns in 70s about funding, but was warned to drop matter

By Martin Beckford  7 December 2013

The head of the Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations that the Government gave tens of thousands of pounds to a notorious paedophile group.

Civil servants are trawling through decades’ worth of files to look for any evidence that the Home Office once funded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which openly campaigned to legalise child sex.

The extraordinary move has been triggered by Permanent Secretary Mark Sedwill following claims by an ‘insider’ that the Voluntary Services Unit (VSU), which gave annual grants totalling thousands of pounds to charities, had provided financial assistance to the network of abusers.

Labour MP Tom Watson says a retired Home Office employee told him he had raised concerns in the 1970s about the funding, but was warned to drop the matter....

PIE was formed in the early 1970s and openly called for the age of consent to be lowered to four, despite public outrage. In 1976 morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse accused a gay charity that did receive Government grants, the Albany Trust, of helping fund PIE, but this was denied at the time.

A one time chairman of PIE, Steven Smith, worked as a heating and lighting engineer at the Home Office’s headquarters in Whitehall until he was exposed by a Sunday newspaper in 1982. He went on the run but was jailed for possessing 3,000 drawings of child abuse two years ago....

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Minn. Archdiocese Posts List of Accused Priests

Minn. Archdiocese Posts List of Accused Priests
MINNEAPOLIS December 5, 2013 (AP)
By AMY FORLITI Associated Press

Amid mounting public pressure and under order from a court, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis on Thursday published a list of 34 priests who have been accused of sexually abusing minors.

The list includes the names of eight men who had not been publicly named previously as alleged abusers.

It places the men in two categories: 30 are believed to have molested children, while the remaining four have claims against them that could not be substantiated. For example, one of those four cases involved a sexual relationship with an adult.

"The disclosures made today are not intended to be final," Archbishop John Nienstedt wrote in his Thursday column in The Catholic Spirit newspaper. "We are currently engaged in a comprehensive review of clergy files, and the list will be updated as additional announcements are made."

A judge gave the archdiocese until Jan. 6 to disclose information about additional priests accused of molesting kids. Going forward, Nienstedt said, any substantiated claims will be disclosed on the archdiocese website.

Nienstedt has been under fire over allegations that he and other church leaders mishandled cases of clergy sexual misconduct. He said he hoped the disclosure would help victims heal and rebuild trust....

Friday, December 6, 2013

Vatican refuses to give UN panel full details of clerical sex abuse cases, Pope Setting Up Commission on the Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests

Vatican refuses to give UN panel full details of clerical sex abuse cases
Holy See angers campaigners by not disclosing information requested by UN committee on the rights of the child

    Lizzy Davies in Rome, Wednesday 4 December 2013

The Vatican has refused to give a United Nations panel information it requested on clerical sex abuse, in a move that it said was part of its confidentiality policy but which was criticised as "a slap in the face" for victims.

In a series of questions asked in the runup to a public hearing scheduled for January, the UN committee on the rights of the child had requested the Holy See provide details of abuse cases and specific information concerning their subsequent investigation and handling.

But, in its response, the Holy See said that although it had answered the questions in a general way, it was not its practice to disclose information on specific cases unless requested to do so by another country as part of legal proceedings.

In the 24-page document, the Holy See said it had been "deeply saddened by the scourge of sexual abuse" and regretted the involvement of some members of the Catholic clergy.

It added that it had "amended norms" regarding the suitability of candidates for the priesthood, and had taken other steps including the revision of some canon law rules "to ensure that clerics and religious are properly disciplined".

But it did not give all the details requested by the committee in a lengthy, multi-part question on the "sexual violence against children committed by members of the clergy, brothers and nuns in numerous countries around the world"....

Pope Setting Up Commission on the Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests

Published: December 5, 2013

VATICAN CITY — In his first concrete step to address the clerical sexual-abuse problem in the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis will establish a commission to advise him on protecting children from pedophile priests and on how to counsel victims, the Vatican said Thursday....

Whether the new commission portends a significant change in how the Vatican deals with abusive priests and their protectors remains to be seen, experts on the church said. Yet the timing of the announcement, two days after a United Nations panel criticized the Vatican over its handling of abuse cases, suggested that the pope and his closest advisers wanted to at least be seen as tackling the issue with greater firmness.

Soon after he became pope, Francis directed the Vatican last April to act decisively on abuse cases and punish pedophile priests, in a meeting with subordinates at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the church’s enforcement arm. But he had said little about the sexual abuse problem since....

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reverend Paul Flowers Co-op Bank boss, Drug Scandal and Child Abuse Allegations

Crystal Methodist in link to school described as 'sweet shop for paedophiles' as plans for Amsterdam holiday with male prostitutes is revealed

    Flowers was vice-chairman of Rochdale Council's social services committee
    It oversaw Knowl View School for boys with behavioural problems
    Now subject to an investigation into the sexual abuse of former pupils
    School closed in 1995, after staff member alerted council bosses to problems
    Rochdale Council is conducting an inquiry into Flowers's years as councillor
    Texts reveal he planned Amsterdam trip with rent boys after MoS expose
    He took coke, crack and weed before leading Remembrance Day service

By Nick Craven, Ross Slater and Ben Ellery

30 November 2013

Shamed Co-op Bank boss Paul Flowers was linked to a special school at the centre of one of Britain’s worst child sex abuse scandals, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Methodist minister Flowers was vice-chairman of Rochdale Council’s social services committee which oversaw Knowl View School, during a time when it was described as a ‘sweet shop for paedophiles’.

Yet a series of damning reports – at least one sent to Flowers – about the crimes at Knowl View were hidden from the public.

The residential unit for boys  aged seven to 16 with learning and behavioural problems is now subject to a police investigation into the sexual and physical abuse of former pupils.

Meanwhile Rochdale Council is conducting its own inquiry into Flowers’s years as a councillor in the light of his drug-taking, exposed by The Mail on Sunday last month.

The Knowl View scandal broke last year after the Crown Prosecution Service accepted that the school’s founder, the late Liberal MP Cyril Smith, who knew Flowers through the council, should have been prosecuted for child abuse.

The school, founded in 1969, eventually closed in 1995, after a member of staff alerted council bosses to ongoing problems....

Sleaze shame: The fall from grace of Co-op Bank boss and reverend Paul Flowers
From drug-taking and drink-driving to sex offences and fiddling expenses - not to mention being a bungling bank boss - the fall from grace of Paul Flowers has been extraordinary

By: Dominic Midgley
Published: Sat, November 23, 2013

It is hard to think of a man who has fallen further and faster than the Reverend Paul Flowers. This time last week he was a pillar of the community as a Methodist minister, a trustee of Aids charity the Terrence Higgins Trust and chair of governors at a primary school.... 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Allocating Liability for Child Pornography, in Full or Fractional Shares

Allocating Liability for Child Pornography, in Full or Fractional Shares 
By ADAM LIPTAK  December 2, 2013

WASHINGTON — The notices arrive almost every day. They tell a young woman named Amy, as she is called in court papers, that someone has been charged with possessing child pornography. She was the child.

“It is hard to describe what it feels like to know that at any moment, anywhere, someone is looking at pictures of me as a little girl being abused by my uncle and is getting some kind of sick enjoyment from it,” Amy, then 19, wrote in a 2008 victim impact statement. “It’s like I am being abused over and over and over again.”

Next month, the Supreme Court will consider what the men who took pleasure from viewing Amy’s abuse must pay her.

Images of Amy being sexually assaulted by her uncle are among the most widely viewed child pornography in the world. They have figured in some 3,200 criminal cases since 1998.

Amy is notified through a Justice Department program that tells crime victims about developments in criminal cases involving them. She has the notifications sent to her lawyer. There have been about 1,800 so far.

Her lawyer often files a request for restitution, as a 1994 law allows her to do. Every viewing of child pornography, Congress found, “represents a renewed violation of the privacy of the victims and repetition of their abuse.”

Amy’s losses are in most ways beyond measure, but some of them can be calculated in dollars. She has found it hard to hold down a job. She needs a lifetime of therapy. She has legal bills. Her lawyers say it adds up to about $3.4 million....

Victim Impact Statement of Amy – the Victim in the Misty Series

I am a 19 year old girl and I am a victim of child sex abuse and child pornography. I am still discovering all the ways that the abuse and exploitation I suffer has hurt me, has set my life on the wrong course, and destroyed the normal childhood, teenage years, and
early adulthood that every one deserves. My uncle started to abuse me when I was only 4 years old. He used what I now know are the common ways that abusers get their victims ready for abuse and keep them silent:
he told me that I was special, that he loved me, and that we had our own “special secrets.” Since he lived close to our house, my mother and father didn’t suspect anything when I walked over there to spend time with him.


§2251. Sexual exploitation of children
§2251A. Selling or buying of children
§2252. Certain activities relating to material involving the sexual exploitation of minors
§2252A. Certain activities relating to material constituting or containing child pornography

Monday, December 2, 2013

Jimmy Savile 19 more hospitals investigate links, Twenty-Two Faces, Child Abuse Recovery

Jimmy Savile: 19 more hospitals to investigate links
29 November 2013
A further 19 hospitals are to carry out investigations after receiving police information about serial sex attacker Jimmy Savile, the government has said.

The Metropolitan Police have passed material about Savile to the Department of Health, which has given it to the 19 hospital trusts to investigate.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he expected reports on visits by the late DJ to those hospitals by next June.

It brings the total number of hospitals under investigation to 32....

The 19 hospitals extra to carry out investigations are Barnet General Hospital, Booth Hall Children's Hospital, De La Pole Hospital, Dryburn Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital, Leavesden Secure Mental Hospital, Marsden Hospital, Maudsley Hospital, North Manchester General Hospital, Odstock Hospital, Pinderfields Hospital, Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital, Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, Royal Free Hospital, London, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, Seacroft Hospital, Leeds, Queen Mary's Hospital, Carshalton, Whitby Memorial Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital.

The 13 hospitals already carrying out investigations are Leeds General Infirmary, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Broadmoor Hospital, High Royds Psychiatric Hospital, Dewsbury Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Moss Side Hospital (previously part of Ashworth Hospital), Exeter Hospital, Portsmouth Hospital, St Catherine's Hospital Birkenhead, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Rampton Hospital and Saxondale Hospital.

Twenty-Two Faces
Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities

Judy Byington MSW, LCSW, retired.

Twenty-Two Faces documents how the only known survivor-intended-victim of a modern-day human sacrifice ceremony six year-old Jenny Hill, overcomes multiplicity resulting from brainwashing, her perpetrators having subjected the child to insidious mind-control techniques culled from Nazi Germany. As is the case for thousands of children across the globe unfortunate enough to be born into families still practicing these aberrant religious rites....Eventually with help of a psychologist: she takes charge of her divided mind by facing alter personalities and their traumatic repressed memories, overcomes family-society rejection, confronts and forgives abusers, showing an ability of the human spirit to overcome against all odds, profound emotional shock and miraculously healing from severe childhood trauma.

Child Abuse Recovery educates on dissociation, supports ritual abuse survivors and exposes child exploitation rings.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Conference Presentations: The Franklin Scandal Coverup, Exposing Satanic Abuse and Hope in Healing, Nature and the Nature of Healing

The Franklin Scandal: A Continuing Coverup

Nick Bryant’s conference powerpoint presentation from the 2013 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

Nick Bryant‘s writing has recurrently focused on the plight of disadvantaged children in the United States, and he’s been published in numerous national journals, including the Journal of Professional Ethics, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Journal of Social Distress and Homelessness, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, and Journal of School Health. He is the co-author of America’s Children: Triumph of Tragedy, addressing the medical and developmental problems of lower socioeconomic children in America.

Exposing Satanic Abuse and Hope in Healing

Sarah Jacqueline’s conference transcript from the 2013 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

Sarah Jacqueline freed herself through a deep inner journey from living in numbness to now living in a feeling free life.  She was born into Satanic abuse and was exposed for all of her childhood and teenage years abuse that nobody should ever experience. She speaks about hope and about letting go and moving forward …now is the time to just let it go and help!

Nature and the Nature of Healing – How the natural world restores us to our senses – inside and out.

Janet Thomas’ conference transcript from the 2013 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference.

Janet Thomas is a writer and a RA/MC survivor in healing for more than 25 years. Her recent book, Day Breaks Over Dharamsala–A Memoir of Life Lost & Found explores spiritual healing from RA/MC abuse. Her book, The Battle in Seattle, explores global socio-economic abuse. She lives on an island in the northwest U.S.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fran's Day Care Case Information - Keller Case

Fran's Day Care Case Information - Keller Case
November 27, 2013 case update:

Fran Keller, a former Austin day care owner was freed on bond Tuesday November 26, 2013 after 21 years in prison for sexual abuse of children in her care. Dan Keller her husband, who was also convicted of sexual abuse, is expected to be freed the following week.

The Travis County district attorney’s office agreed to not oppose the Kellers’ release on bond. They  acknowledged that a key prosecution witness (a doctor who provided the only physical evidence of abuse in this case) had recanted his testimony as a mistake based on inexperience in pediatric exams.

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg stated that “Given the crucial nature of (that) testimony in a child sexual abuse case, I agreed that there is a reasonable likelihood that his false testimony affected the judgment of the jury and violated Frances Keller’s right to a fair trial.” (Radio KLBJ news article)

Lehmberg also stated: “The Court of Criminal Appeals will review both cases. No further action or decisions on the case will be made until that review is finalized.” (Daily Mail news article)

Additional historic information about the case, including an article from a participant in the case is at:
Fran’s Day Care Case - Randy Noblitt, PhD


1992 article on the Fran Keller day care case 

Austin PD Press release on the Fran Keller case 1992

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Satanic ritual child sex abuse claims, Lostprophets' Ian Watkins Admits Rape Attempts

Satanic ritual child sex abuse claims
By JOANNE McCARTHY Nov. 26, 2013
EMBATTLED child sex abuse advocate Liz Mullinar has alarmed supporters with disturbing claims about satanic ritual abuse in response to allegations against her Heal for Life centre.

In a statement yesterday Ms Mullinar claimed 10 per cent of abuse victims at Heal for Life, or more than 500 people, reported being victims of satanic ritual abuse....

Lostprophets' Ian Watkins Admits Rape Attempts
Sky News 11/26/13
Former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has admitted a string of sex offences, including two charges of attempting to rape a baby.

The singer had faced 24 sex-offence charges but pleaded guilty to 11 of them at the last minute, nine of which were unchanged and two of attempted rape of an infant, which were downgraded from actual rape.

The charges included sexually touching a one-year-old and encouraging a mother to abuse her own child during a webcam chat. Watkins also admitted possessing and making child abuse images as well as being behind the plot to rape the child.

Watkins, 36, from Pontypridd, south Wales, insisted he had no memory of what would have been key video evidence at the trial showing him abusing his victim, the court heard.

Prosecuting QC Chris Clee said camcorder footage shot in a London hotel room showed Watkins perform a sex act on the child. Computer analysts found the footage had been uploaded to an online storage facility....

The court also heard details of a plot to turn babies in subservient sex slaves using hard drugs....

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mind-control survivors claim US Government tortures children

Mind-control survivors claim US Government tortures children
Judy Byington November 25, 2013

....According to survivors, MKULTRA human experimentation involves using children as sex slaves, exposing them to radiation, drugs, hypnosis, plus mental and physical abuse including dislocating joints; food, water and sensory deprivation, electroshock and implantation of electronic devices to further access victims throughout their lives.

Congress supposedly shut down the program in 1964, though many survivors responding to the 2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys might disagree.

....These quotes from those who grew up subjected to extreme abuse paid for on our taxpayer dollar can be viewed in a 2013 petition, Request for a Congressional investigation, CIA mind-control of children. You are invited to sign the petition at:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Silvio Berlusconi was 'bunga bunga' ringmaster, says court document , Man charged with murder, Lambeth 'slaves' rescue: The shocking and distressing cases of modern day slavery

Silvio Berlusconi was 'bunga bunga' ringmaster, says court document  Document explaining reasons behind Italian ex-PM's conviction says there is proof he had sexual relations with 17-year-old Reuters in Milan, Thursday 21 November 2013

Silvio Berlusconi was 'bunga bunga' ringmaster, says court document Document explaining reasons behind Italian ex-PM's conviction says there is proof he had sexual relations with 17-year-old
Silvio Berlusconi was the ringmaster of "bunga bunga" sex parties at his luxurious villa near Milan, giving the go-ahead for young women to perform pole dances and stripteases, according to a court document.

The former Italian prime minister, who faces potential expulsion from his Senate seat next week after receiving a final conviction for tax fraud in a separate case, was handed a seven-year jail sentence in June for abuse of office and paying for sex with a minor during the parties.

In a document released on Thursday explaining the reasons behind the conviction, the court said there was sufficient proof that the 77-year-old had sexual relations with the former nightclub dancer Karima el-Mahroug, who was 17 at the time, in exchange for money and jewellery.
It said Berlusconi directed women to perform and dance erotically during the parties.

"It is proven that the director of the young women's sexual performances was Berlusconi himself," the court said.
Berlusconi has described the evenings as "elegant dinners" and is appealing against the verdict. He will not have to serve any jail time for the conviction unless it is upheld after two appeals....

Evidence also shows Berlusconi was aware that Mahroug, also known by her stage name Ruby the Heartstealer, was under 18 at the time, below the legal age limit for prostitution in Italy, the court found....

Man charged with murder after body found in Lancaster woods Jonathan McFadden Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013    Missing man's body found near brother's home

A Lancaster man with "Satan" tattooed over his right eye and a criminal history of assault and burglary is accused of killing a father who had been missing for more than a month, and then hiding his body in woods 20 feet away from the dead man's brother's house, deputies said on Friday.

Lambeth 'slaves' rescue: The shocking and distressing cases of modern day slavery  By Anthony Bond 21 Nov 2013

Three women were rescued from a London home after allegedly being held as slaves - it is one of a number of shocking cases in recent years
Horrific news emerged today that three "traumatised" women were believed to have been imprisoned in a London home for more than 30 years.

Detectives this morning arrested a man and a woman, both aged 67, as part of an investigation into slavery and domestic servitude.
The Metropolitan Police said it had "never seen anything of this magnitude before".
However, in recent years, there have been a number of shocking cases of slavery and people being held captive....

Judy Byington Exposes Government Torture of Children, Former Stoke Mandeville doctor charged by Operation Yewtree cops praised by Princess Diana for working with disabled children

New Utube Video by Child Abuse Recovery:
Judy Byington Exposes Government Torture of Children
Author, therapist and activist Judy Byington, who is trying to raise awareness of SRA, discusses her work with SRA survivors and researchers.

Former Stoke Mandeville doctor charged by Operation Yewtree cops praised by Princess Diana for working with disabled children  By Euan Stretch, Martin Bagot   21 Nov 2013

Retired consultant paediatrician Michael Salmon was charged with rape and four indecent assaults on girls aged under 18

The doctor arrested by police probing Jimmy Savile’s sordid past was once praised by Princess Diana for his work with sick children.

Retired consultant paediatrician Michael Salmon was yesterday charged with rape and four indecent assaults on girls aged under 18.

The 78-year-old is alleged to have abused youngsters in hospitals around Aylesbury, Bucks, including Stoke Mandeville where serial pervert Savile targeted patients for sex attacks during his time as a fundraiser there.

Dr Salmon worked at Stoke ­Mandeville in the 80s. He was hailed by Diana for organising a 1987 trip to Disney World in Florida for 300 disabled kids.

The sex attacks he is accused of are said to have happened between 1972 and 1985.

Police stressed none of the allegations involve Savile....

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Accused molester seeks deal for reduced sentence

Accused molester seeks deal for reduced sentence
By Peter Schworm   Globe Staff   November 20, 2013

WOBURN - A lawyer for accused serial child molester John Burbine proposed in court Wednesday that his client be castrated in exchange for a sharply reduced prison sentence, but said prosecutors rejected the idea and were preparing for trial.

William Barabino, who represents Burbine, said he was seeking a plea agreement that would limit Burbine’s sentence to a maximum of 15 years if he agreed to undergo the procedure. But prosecutors, who are seeking a life sentence for Burbine, said they were not open to a plea, Barabino said....

Burbine is accused of raping and sexually abusing 13 children that he gained access to through his wife’s unlicensed day care business between 2010 and 2012. The youngest victim was eight days old. Authorities say most of the assaults took place in the victims’ homes....

John Burbine is also facing charges that he raped a boy in Saugus on several occasions from 1990 to 1994. He was convicted and received a six-month suspended sentence for sexually molesting three young brothers in the late 1980s.

Barabino said he was seeking to negotiate a plea because he is “realistic about the charges” and said Burbine has never disputed them....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Girl sexually assaulted by priest after seeking food: witness, Retired minister from Cambridge found guilty of sexual offences

Girl sexually assaulted by priest after seeking food: witness
Eric Dejaeger on trial for dozens of sexual abuse charges dating to the 1970s and 80s

CBC News Posted: Nov 20, 2013

A witness testifying at the trial of Eric Dejaeger in Iqaluit told the court on Wednesday that the accused sexually assaulted her after she sought food at the church.

The 41-year-old woman said her family in Igloolik, Nunavut, was sometimes hungry for days at a time between 1978 and 1982, the years when Eric Dejaeger was the priest in the remote community.

The Roman Catholic priest, 66, is on trial for dozens of sexual abuse charges, relating to incidents alleged to have occurred while Dejaeger was in Igloolik....

The witness this morning testified that she was sexually assaulted numerous times by Dejaeger. She told the court how her grandmother, who was raising her, often sent her to the church for a meal.

The witness said that after one such meal, when she was eight years old, Dejaeger took her upstairs and raped her.

She says she was bleeding after the assault....

The witness says she told her grandmother about the assault, but she says the woman didn't believe her and beat her.

She says she stopped going to school after the assault so she didn't have to face Dejaeger during after-class Bible study.... 

A timeline of events in Nunavut abuse case involving Catholic priest

By Bob Weber, The Canadian Press Nov 17, 2013
A timeline of events in the case against Catholic priest Eric Dejaeger, who faces a trial on 76 historical sex charges in Nunavut
Retired minister from Cambridge found guilty of sexual offences
By Catherine Thompson
Nov. 20, 2013

A retired Anglican priest from Cambridge was found guilty Tuesday of sex offences dating back almost 30 years.

Rev. George Ferris, 66, was convicted of two counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual exploitation in connection with offences that took place in Brant County between 1983 and 1989, when he served at St. James' Anglican Church in Paris, Ont.

Ferris also faces three other charges of sexual assault against three other complainants, in a second trial scheduled to go ahead in Brantford on Nov. 28....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Google, Microsoft Block Child Abuse Search Results

Google, Microsoft Block Child Abuse Search Results
LONDON November 18, 2013 (AP)
By SYLVIA HUI Associated Press

Google and Microsoft have introduced software that makes it harder for users to search for child abuse material online, the companies said in a joint announcement Monday.

Writing ahead of a British summit on Internet safety, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt said his company has fine-tuned Google Search to clean up results for over 100,000 search terms. When users type in queries that may be related to child sexual abuse, they will find no results that link to illegal content.

"We will soon roll out these changes in more than 150 languages, so the impact will be truly global," Schmidt wrote in the Daily Mail newspaper.

The restrictions are being launched in Britain and other English-speaking countries first. Similar changes are being brought out on Microsoft's Bing search engine.

The two companies are sharing picture detection technology to identify child abuse photographs whenever they appear on their systems, and Google is also testing technology to identify and remove illegal videos.

Other measures include warnings at the top of Google search for more than 13,000 queries to make it clear that child abuse is illegal....

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mormon church denies lawsuit's claims of sex abuse coverup

Mormon church denies lawsuit's claims of sex abuse coverup
Fri Nov 1, 2013 by Matthew Umstead

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a statement released Wednesday adamantly denied claims made in a lawsuit that it covered up sexual abuse of 12 children in Berkeley County by a member who has since been excommunicated and imprisoned.

The lawsuit filed Sept. 16 names Mormon church officials and excommunicated member Christopher Michael Jensen and his parents as defendants. It was filed in Berkeley County Circuit Court on behalf of five families and 12 children among them.

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has zero tolerance for abuse of any kind," the church said in its statement, which was released by Martinsburg attorney William J. Powell, who is representing the church in this case....

The lawsuit alleges the church was repeatedly put on notice and/or had knowledge of Jensen's "predatory acts," but actively covered up the abuse and assisted him "in committing further unspeakable acts, by enabling (Jensen) to babysit for and live with other church families with young children."....

"The church, in short, thwarted the protections that would have been triggered by reporting the abuses and provided (Jensen) the opportunity to abuse more and more children, which he did. This pattern continued for over five years, until (Jensen) was finally indicted in 2012," the lawsuit said.

Survivorship Webinar - How to get through the holidays - December 14, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013
12:00 noon Pacific Time
Presenter: Neil Brick
How to get through the holidays using different approaches.

Neil Brick
is the founder of S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today) at He is a survivor of ritual abuse and a survivor advocate. He works on developing supports for survivors and getting information out to the general public about ritual abuse. He runs yearly ritual abuse conferences on the east coast of the United States every year at Links to his presentation transcripts and research papers are at

Neil will talk about how ritual abuse survivors can deal with the stress of the holidays and how they can deal with difficult dates. The discussion will include ways to build support systems, ways to decrease stress, ways to set emotional boundaries with others and using meditation and relaxation techniques to help deal with stress.



Registration closes Thursday evening December 12, 2013

To reserve a space in the webinar, e-mail Shamai at   and give her this information:

1. Your name
2. The webinar you wish to attend: How to get through the holidays using different approaches.
3. Amount and method of payment (check, PayPal, money order)
4. Your preferred e-mail address (so we can send you instructions)
5. The name you will be using for the webinar. (This does not have to be your real name or your message board screen name.)

You will receive a confirmation email immediately and an invitation link and instructions after the registration closes. Even though you register with Survivorship, please remember to register with the webinar invitation link in order to get all the information you will need.

Webinars are on a sliding scale from $50.00 to full scholarship (while we offer full scholarships for webinars please consider paying whatever you are able to. Even $5 will help to cover the cost of the webinar provider). Please remember to factor in the cost of the telephone call if you don’t have a computer headset. The PayPal button is near the bottom of the page at

If you wish to pay by check please send it to: Survivorship, Family Justice Center, 470 27th Street, Oakland, CA 94612.


Survivorship members may listen to past webinars in the members’ section.
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For information on joining Survivorship, go to 

Complete details on all our webinars are at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact

Friday, November 15, 2013

Child abuse report reveals a betrayal of trust 'beyond comprehension', Jimmy Savile's ex-flatmate and driver will deny sex offences, court hears

Child abuse report reveals a betrayal of trust 'beyond comprehension'
'Children were betrayed by trusted figures in organisations of high standing and suffered unimaginable harm,' says report

        David Marr, Tuesday 12 November 2013

“We have called our report Betrayal of Trust,” said Victorian MP Georgie Crozier as she presented the findings of the parliamentary inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other non-government organisations.

“Children were betrayed by trusted figures in organisations of high standing and suffered unimaginable harm,” she said.

“Parents of these children experienced a betrayal beyond comprehension. And the community was betrayed by the failure of organisations to protect children in their care.”

The report’s criticism of the Catholic church is unsparing. Its recommendations are radical. If adopted they would strip the Catholic church of its virtual immunity in the courts and compel religious leaders of all faiths to report child abuse to the police.

The Victorian premier, Denis Napthine, has fallen short of accepting the committee’s recommendations but describes them as “a strong basis for reforms that will make a real difference for the future”....

“The Catholic church,” she said, “minimised and trivialised the problem; contributed to abuse not being disclosed, or not being responded to at all prior to 1990; ensured that the Victorian community remained uninformed of the abuse; and ensured that perpetrators were not held accountable with the tragic result being that children continued to be abused....
Jimmy Savile's ex-flatmate and driver will deny sex offences, court hears
Ray Teret is accused of 32 offences, including rape, against young girls and is bailed until next April, Friday 15 November 2013

Jimmy Savile's ex-flatmate and chauffeur will deny he committed a string of sexual offences against a number of girls, a court has heard.

Ray Teret, 72, is accused of 32 offences involving 14 minors and a 17-year-old.

The former pirate radio DJ is charged with 15 counts of rape of a female under 16, one count of rape, one count of attempted rape of a female under 16, six counts of indecent assault of a female under 16, three counts of indecent assault of a female under 14 and one count of gross indecency with a child under 13.

Teret, of Woodlands Road, Altrincham, also faces two counts of conspiracy to rape a girl under 16, one count of possession of extreme pornography, one count of possession of prohibited images and one count of possession of an indecent image of a child....

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Project Spade, massive international child p_rn bust centred on Toronto, nets 348 arrests in ‘horrific sexual acts’, Turlock Couple Who Ran Daycare Accused Of Child P_rnography, Recording Children

Project Spade, massive international child porn bust centred on Toronto, nets 348 arrests in ‘horrific sexual acts’
Diana Mehta, Canadian Press 14/11/13

TORONTO — At least 386 children have been rescued from sexual exploitation and hundreds of suspects arrested in a sweeping child pornography investigation that began with a Toronto man, police revealed Thursday.

“It’s a first for the magnitude of the victims saved,” said Insp Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, of the force’s Sex Crimes Unit. “The amount of arrests internationally, also a first.”

At least 348 people were arrested around the world as part of Project Spade, including 50 in Ontario and 58 from other parts of Canada....

School teachers, doctors, nurses, pastors and foster parents are among those facing charges in the wide-ranging operation that can be traced back to a business operating out of Toronto’s west end, police said.

“Its success has been extraordinary,” Beaven-Desjardins said of the investigation which spanned more than 50 countries....

Police allege Brian Way, 42, had been running an “exploitation movie, production and distribution company” called Azov Films since 2005, and had made more than $4-million from the business....

Through his company, the man would allegedly contract people to create child porn videos involving kids, largely boys, between the ages of five and 12. Many of those videos were allegedly shot in Ukraine and Romania in apartments, dingy saunas and backyards.

Police allege the videos were then distributed from Toronto — through the mail and the Internet — to customers around the world....

Police say the sheer amount of images and videos seized in their investigation — 45 terabytes worth — was staggering....

“Officers located hundreds of thousands of images and videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst that they have ever viewed.”

Turlock Couple Who Ran Daycare Accused Of Child Pornography, Recording Children   November 13, 2013

TURLOCK (CBS13) — A couple who ran a Turlock daycare is accused of possessing child porn, and the wife is accused of secretly recording children.

Investigators are looking for children who were in the Ceres home of Angele and Adam Henry.

Adam Henry was arrested by Ceres Police in September, but on Wednesday, the FBI came knocking. He’s accused of receiving and distributing child pornography.

His wife Angele Henry was also arrested for child pornography, as well as allegedly using a hidden camera to record an “underage person’s body in a private room.”

The couple’s Burman Drive home is listed on Angie’s List as not just a home, but the Turlock Early Enrichment Center.

Adam Henry Criminal Complaint