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Five Westminster paedophile rings probed by Scotland Yard, Three Current MPs And Three Lords Named In Westminster Paedophile Ring Dossier Handed To Police

Five Westminster paedophile rings probed by Scotland Yard

Claims emerge of a complex web of child abuse at the heart of government, as leading MP in campaign for justice hands list of 22 names to police

By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent 21 Dec 2014

Police are investigating claims that up to five paedophile rings operated at the heart of Westminster with the involvement of “highly influential” politicians.

A Labour MP who has handed a dossier of evidence to Scotland Yard said he now believed the complexity of child abuse networks at the heart of government in the Seventies and Eighties had been seriously underestimated.

John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, said it was “inconceivable” that police would not now arrest and interview some of the politicians he has named in a list handed to detectives earlier this month.

Mr Mann, who has spent months sifting evidence from members of the public, met Scotland Yard and handed over evidence on 22 politicians, including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords....

“I think the 22 names are all worthy of investigation by the police," Mr Mann told The Telegraph.

“In my opinion the evidence against approximately half of them is very compelling....  

Three Current MPs And Three Lords Named In Westminster Paedophile Ring Dossier Handed To Police
Lara O'Reilly      Dec. 22, 2014

Scotland Yard has been handed a document that contains names of 22 high profile figures, including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords, alleged to be involved in the suspected Westminster paedophile ring during the 1970s and 1980s, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Labour MP John Mann has spent months sifting through hundreds of reports from the public about the historic sex abuse cases and has now handed a dossier to the police that suggests up to five paedophile rings were operating at the heart of UK government, each them involving at least one MP.

Of the total number involved — some of whom are now dead and some who are still alive, but not active in Westminster — 14 are Conservative politicians, five are from Labour and three were from other parties. Overall, 13 former ministers are named on the list.

Mann told The Sunday Times he also received allegations that an organised criminal gang and a celebrity were involved in the trafficking of young boys to abusers at Dophin Square in London, the block of flats prominent figures allegedly used as a venue for child abuse. He added that he is receiving new information all the time and that there could be many more names added to that list....

Friday, December 19, 2014

'Sons Of Guns' Star Indicted On Multiple Rape Charges, Why the Torture Report Won’t Change Anything

'Sons Of Guns' Star Indicted On Multiple Rape Charges
The Huffington Post

Cavan Sieczkowski December 19, 2014

The former star of Discovery Channel's "Sons of Guns," Will Hayden, was indicted on multiple rape charges Wednesday in Louisiana.

An East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury indicted Hayden, 49, on three counts of rape involving two females, the Times-Picayune reported. The charges against him include two counts of aggravated rape and one count of forcible rape. If convicted of aggravated rape, he faces a mandatory life sentence.

Hayden is accused of raping two preteen girls, according to the Advocate. He is accused of raping a girl in East Baton Rouge beginning in March 2013, when she was 11 years old, until August 2014.

Additionally, a woman, who is now in her 30s, also came forward claiming Hayden raped her in the 1990s when she was 12 years old, the Advocate reported.... 

Why the Torture Report Won’t Change Anything
At most, it only further proves the incompatibility of a secret intelligence service and an open democracy.
Tim Weiner  December 16, 2014 

The report on the brutalities of the CIA’s secret prisons is the most important work by the Senate Intelligence Committee since congressional oversight of the CIA began in the 1970s. Its descriptions of torture and deception are as compelling as the newsreels of the Nuremberg trials....

It appears that the CIA did not give President Bush a full report on the gory details of the secret prisons for four years. This is “plausible deniability,” which shields the president from legal or moral hazard by keeping him in the dark. That practice was supposed to have ended decades ago.

The CIA had also forbidden the use of torture—“not only because it is wrong, but because it has historically proven to be ineffective,” in the words of Richard Stolz, chief of the clandestine service under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Stolz is cited in the Senate report. The CIA’s codes of conduct before 9/11 clearly stated, “Inhumane physical or psychological techniques are counterproductive because they do not produce intelligence and will probably result in false answers.”

False answers were what Congress got from Bush’s CIA directors and their underlings. They delivered deceptive testimony and destroyed videotapes of torture. Brennan had to reprimand five officers for cybersnooping on the Senate’s files. The intelligence committees cannot function if the CIA lies to them and spies on them. That, too, was supposed to have ended when the committees were created in the 1970s....

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings

The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings                       

Reframing the CIA’s interrogation techniques as a violation of scientific and medical ethics may be the best way to achieve accountability. 

Lisa Hajjar  December 16, 2014 

Human experimentation was a core feature of the CIA’s torture program. The experimental nature of the interrogation and detention techniques is clearly evident in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s executive summary of its investigative report, despite redactions (insisted upon by the CIA) to obfuscate the locations of these laboratories of cruel science and the identities of perpetrators.

At the helm of this human experimentation project were two psychologists hired by the CIA, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. They designed interrogation and detention protocols that they and others applied to people imprisoned in the agency’s secret “black sites.”

In its response to the Senate report, the CIA justified its decision to hire the duo: “We believe their expertise was so unique that we would have been derelict had we not sought them out when it became clear that CIA would be heading into the uncharted territory of the program.” Mitchell and Jessen’s qualifications did not include interrogation experience, specialized knowledge about Al Qaeda or relevant cultural or linguistic knowledge. What they had was Air Force experience in studying the effects of torture on American prisoners of war, as well as a curiosity about whether theories of “learned helplessness” derived from experiments on dogs might work on human enemies....

The “war on terror” is not the CIA’s first venture into human experimentation. At the dawn of the Cold War, German scientists and doctors with Nazi records of human experimentation were given new identities and brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip. During the Korean War, alarmed by the shocking rapidity of American POWs’ breakdowns and indoctrination by their communist captors, the CIA began investing in mind-control research. In 1953, the CIA established the MK-ULTRA program, whose earliest phase involved hypnosis, electroshock and hallucinogenic drugs. The program evolved into experiments in psychological torture that adapted elements of Soviet and Chinese models, including longtime standing, protracted isolation, sleep deprivation and humiliation. Those lessons soon became an applied “science” in the Cold War.

During the Vietnam War, the CIA developed the Phoenix program, which combined psychological torture with brutal interrogations, human experimentation and extrajudicial executions. In 1963, the CIA produced a manual titled “Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation” to guide agents in the art of extracting information from “resistant” sources by combining techniques to produce “debility, disorientation and dread.” Like the communists, the CIA largely eschewed tactics that violently target the body in favor of those that target the mind by systematically attacking all human senses in order to produce the desired state of compliance. The Phoenix program model was incorporated into the curriculum of the School of the Americas, and an updated version of the Kubark guide, produced in 1983 and titled “Human Resource Exploitation Manual,” was disseminated to the intelligence services of right-wing regimes in Latin America and Southeast Asia during the global “war on communism.”

In the mid-1980s, CIA practices became the subject of congressional investigations into US-supported atrocities in Central America....

London police: we believe claims of ‘VIP’ child sex abuse and murder

London police: we believe claims of ‘VIP’ child sex abuse and murder

Scotland Yard says victim’s allegations against prominent political and establishment figures are credible and true    Vikram Dodd    Thursday 18 December 2014

Scotland Yard officers have said they believe allegations that a ring of prominent politicians and members of the establishment abused and terrorised children as young as seven more than 30 years ago and went on to kill three young boys.

Detectives appealed for victims and witnesses to come forward and identified a flat in Dolphin Square, London, near the Houses of Parliament, as a scene of some of the alleged abuse, as well as military premises and other locations across London and the home counties.

So far one victim, known by the pseudonym Nick, has come forward to tell of a decade of abuse he suffered at the hands of people including senior politicians and members of Britain’s establishment, and of three homicides. Police as yet have no bodies, full names of those abused or killed, or exact locations where the killings took place.

But the detective in charge of the investigation pointedly described Nick’s allegations as “true” and said Nick had been abused from 1975 to 1984, between the ages of seven and 16....

in Nick’s case experienced detectives from two teams had concluded his accounts were true. “Nick has been spoken to by experienced officers from the child abuse team and experienced officers from the murder investigation team. They and I believe what Nick is saying is credible and true.”....

Claims that boys were murdered by VIP sex ring are credible and true - police
Metropolitan police launch murder inquiry into role alleged Westminster ring might have had in killings of three boys   Vikram Dodd   Thursday 18 December 2014

Scotland Yard has said claims by a witness that a “VIP” sex abuse ring murdered three boys are “credible and true”.

The allegations made by the witness, known by the pseudonym Nick, have triggered a murder investigation.

Police said the alleged abuse by a Westminster-based paedophile ring lasted a decade at locations across London and the Home Counties, including military premises....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Woman tells court of black magic fears that led to abuse and rape

Woman tells court of black magic fears that led to abuse and rape                             

The court heard the couple were jailed at Northampton Crown Court in November 1982. Mr Hickman was sentenced to five sex offences and she for indecent assault and for aiding and abetting another man to rape a 14-year-old girl as part of a devil worship ritual."

'She cut my hand and sucked the blood out of it,' woman tells court of black magic fears that led to abuse and rape    

Dec 16, 2014   By Liz Keen

Albert Hickman, 65 and his wife Carolee Hickman have pleaded not guilty to historic charges of rape and sexual abuse dating back 40 years....

A schoolgirl terrified by threats of black magic, made by a woman claiming to be a witch has told a jury how she was sexually abused and raped over and over again.

The alleged victim, now in her 50s, said the horror of what she believes happened to her while at comprehensive school had been buried for 40 years before memories resurfaced.

She told Cardiff Crown Court she went to Carolee Hickman’s Bridgend home while mitching school with friends, aged 11, but was soon being terrified into submission.

“Carolee said she was a witch and would come and get me and would make my mother ill - she even said she could kill my mother if she wanted to,” the alleged victim said.

“She had a knife with a jewelled handle kept in a wooden box with carvings on the top....

“There were tarot cards she used to tell our fortunes and she even had a black cape.”....

Former RAF man Albert Hickman, 65, pleads not guilty to rape....

She said the abuse came back to her bit by bit when she started having counselling following a series of family tragedies, including close bereavements and cancer.

Her counsellor said alarm bells rang for her when the woman talked of a dark cloud hanging over her, not just since the illnesses and deaths as you would expect, but for 40 years.

“I asked about her childhood but she could remember very little”, the counsellor said

“I would ask her to try to think back - it was her choice - but she was so frightened she didn’t want to look there.

“She knew she lived under a black cloud but was petrified of finding out why.”

Eventually she did think back, it was said and the first returning memories were of black magic, pornography and a woman.

“She remembered darkness and suffocating because a man was top of her and a woman was holding her down....

Woman accused of using black magic to abuse a child laughed out loud when police asked if she was a witch, court hears Dec 17, 2014  By Liz Keen

Carolee Hickman, 64, denies indecently assaulting a schoolgirl in the 1970s and said she has never seen the girl before....

Carolee Hickman, 64, denies indecently assaulting a schoolgirl and of holding the girl down while her husband Albert John Hickman, 65, raped her in the 1970s....

The court heard she told investigators: “I’ve got books on spells but I wouldn’t know how to do them - I wouldn’t know where to start.

“I had tarot cards too but I didn’t understand them either and a cloak ......and a wand which I bought on eBay. It was just a bit of stick -a right rip off.”

Detective Constable Joanne Lewis told the jury she had found a large number of books on spells and the occult when she arrested the grandmother and her husband, who denies the rape allegation, at home in Shropshire....

She accepted she has an interest in witchcraft but said that had not developed until she left Bridgend and was married for the second time following her divorce from Hickman in 1985.

The court heard the couple were jailed at Northampton Crown Court in November 1982. Mr Hickman was sentenced to five sex offences and she for indecent assault and for aiding and abetting another man to rape a 14-year-old girl as part of a devil worship ritual.

Pornographic material and items used in black magic were seized from that other man’s home....

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Briton Simon Harris guilty of child sex abuse in Kenya, Is This German Scouting Ritual Child Abuse?

Briton Simon Harris guilty of child sex abuse in Kenya 
16 December 2014

The BBC's Phil Mackie: "Harris would drive into the town of Gilgil and offer street children food and money to go home with him"

A British charity boss who preyed on vulnerable Kenyan street children has been found guilty of sexual abuse.

Simon Harris was convicted of eight charges of indecent and sexual assault on youngsters in Gilgil, and four of possessing indecent images of children.

Birmingham Crown Court heard he would lure boys to his house in Kenya by offering them food, shelter and money.

Harris, 55, of Pudleston, near Leominster, Herefordshire was cleared of 10 further charges, including rape....

Before the trial, Harris also admitted six offences of indecent assault against three boys aged between 13 and 14, when he was a teacher at Shebbear College, Devon in the 1980s....

Harris had faced 23 charges in total, including 18 allegations relating to assaults....

The offences in Kenya were committed while Harris was running a gap year charity he set up in the East African country, in the 1990s....

Harris was head of the gap-year charity VAE, which placed British volunteers in Kenyan schools....

It also emerged during the trial Harris had spent 15 months in a British jail for possession of indecent images of children following a 2009 conviction....

Is This German Scouting Ritual Child Abuse?

Though the country's major scouting associations say the practice of "Pflocken," in which children are tied down, isn't acceptable, the timeworn practice continues.
Markus C. Schulte von Drach (2014-12-16)

MUNICH — It's spring 2014 at a boy scout camp in southern Germany. Younger boys and adolescents are cavorting about, practicing, learning and generally having fun. Then word spreads that a boy named Mark is about to be targeted for "Pflocken," so the boys gather to watch what's about to happen. Mark, who's about 11, has done something wrong, "something bad," and he's going to be punished.

Group leaders set him down on a table and bind his arms and legs, which are spread out. Gummy snake candy is then stuffed into his mouth. "Almost everybody thought it was funny," say some of the kids who were there. But some boys didn't find it funny at all. They may have worried they would face similar treatment one day.

The practice of so-called "Pflocken" usually happens outdoors. Online descriptions and photos confirm that. Four tent pegs are hammered into the ground, and the boy is tied to them with rope. The bound child doesn't know what awaits him, so uncertainty and fear are part of the equation. He's then tickled, body-marked with felt-tip pens and sometimes doused with water. There are stories on the Internet of kids being smeared with honey or leftover food.

How often this goes on is unclear. The Cologne-based Zartbitter association, whose mission is to protect boys and girls from abuse, reported in 2011 that groups used Pflocken either as punishment or as part of an induction ritual....

The three largest scout associations in Germany tell us that the practice is very well-known. In fact, according to Kerstin Fuchs, federal chair of the Catholic Saint George German Scout Association (DPSG), it used to be a timeworn tradition. But the associations all express surprise that the ritual is still happening.... 

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Police vent fury over cancelled inquiries into VIP child abuse: Officers claim covert investigations were shut down as they closed in on Establishment figures


Police vent fury over cancelled inquiries into VIP child abuse: Officers claim covert investigations were shut down as they closed in on Establishment figures

    Serving and former detectives vented their fury on internet chat forum
    They claim child sex abuse investigations in 80s and 90s were 'canned'
    Comes as senior MP said he was aware of six police probes being shelved
    Cover-up claims will heap pressure on Government and Scotland Yard
By Rebecca Camber, Crime Correspondent For The Daily Mail
15 December 2014

A series of covert police investigations into alleged VIP paedophile rings were shut down as they went ‘to the heart of the Establishment’, officers have claimed.

Serving and former detectives have vented their fury on an internet chat forum, claiming Scotland Yard investigations into child sex abuse were ‘canned’ during the 1980s and 1990s as they closed in on powerful figures, some of whom were said to be at ‘cabinet level’.

It comes as a senior MP said he was aware of six police probes into child sex abuse being shelved, five of which were run by Scotland Yard.
‘This is about kids being raped by those in power that included politicians of all sorts. It goes to the very heart of our Establishment.

‘There is very clear evidence that the general nature of the allegations are true.

‘There are enough officers on this site who have mentioned paedophile ops involving high-profile politicians being stopped at the eleventh hour.’

Labour MP John Mann yesterday admitted that he was aware of six inquiries which were shelved for 'no good reason'

A former detective constable said: ‘In the 90s I uncovered a middle class paedo ring at [a police station in east London]. It linked into a massive UC [undercover] paedo job which was being run by [a named detective sergeant].

‘The UC who shall remain nameless found that it went to cabinet level and four years of work was pulled overnight.’

Some of the officers also claimed there was a secret file dating back to the 1960s on a celebrity recently linked to historic abuse.

One civil servant, who said he had signed the Official Secrets Act, wrote: ‘The cover up began in 1985 when operations were closed for no apparent reason except that prominent persons were allegedly involved and again in 1990 and again over the North Wales child abuse and successive governments have continued the practice.’ The forum is open only to those who have worked in the Metropolitan Police or closely alongside the force.


Man sentenced to jail for 'execution' of cat during sex ritual
Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald More from Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald
Published on: December 15, 2014

A man who slit the throat of a cat obtained on an Internet site and used it as part of a sick sexual ritual with his girlfriend has been jailed for 20 months and banned from owning any animals for life.

Provincial court Judge Brian Stevenson said Monday in sentencing Steven Edward Alcorn, 29, that the offender committed the act on Sept. 25, 2012 — just days after it was purchased through an ad on Kijiji — for his own sexual gratification.

“This is nothing short of an execution,” the judge concluded. “He found it to be sexually arousing and violated the trust that should be present between an owner and a pet.”

Stevenson also gave Alcorn three months consecutive for an assault on his girlfriend three months after the cat was slain and one month consecutive for breaching release conditions for a total 24-month sentence. With just over three months pre-trial credit, he has just under 21 months to serve.

Alcorn, who had pleaded guilty in November 2013, was also placed on probation for three years and must take counselling for domestic abuse and anger management....