Tuesday, July 12, 2011

People upset with Casey Anthony trial can fight child abuse, unreported abuse

Christian Choate Abuse: More Than A Dozen Knew About Beatings

People upset with Casey Anthony trial can help fight child abuse by Mary Avila 07.08.2011

Across the country many are furious with the Casey Anthony verdict and believe justice wasn't served for her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. "People who are angry and upset need to pick up the phone and call casa or call the children's advocacy centers," said Alicia Gracia the Executive Director at CASA. "And say how can I help these children now." CASA is a group of special advocates who volunteer their time to children in cases of abuse or neglect....

Just this year Gracia said they've seen over 5000 confirmed cases of child abuse. "Its horrifying to hear an 8 year old little boy who is being raped by mother's boyfriend to find his mother walked in on them only to say don't be changing rooms if you all are going to be doing that," said Gracia. "Can you imagine what he felt to look into her eyes and hear her say that." At Casa they see at least 100 victims of abuse or neglect come through their doors monthly.


describes crimes

Christian Choate Abuse: More Than A Dozen Knew About Beatings 7/11/11 The tragic story of Christian Choate, the Gary, Indiana boy who was allegedly locked in a cage, beaten and ultimately killed by his father and stepmother, was apparently known to several family members, neighbors and others.

But almost all of the at least 13 people who knew about Choate's abuse didn't report it to authorities, out of either apathy, uncertainty, or fear of retribution, according to a new report in the Northwest Indiana Times.

Riley Choate, Christian's father, and Kimberly Kubina, his stepmother, are charged with murder and several other felonies after the boy's body was discovered in a shallow concrete grave earlier this year. According to authorities, the two kept Christian locked in a dog cage, fed him infrequently, and beat him regularly for the last year of his life. One such beating apparently took his life on April 4, 2009. http://goo.gl/s0Tc4


Who knew Christian Choate was being abused? By Lindsay Machak and Marisa Kwiatkowski Times Staff Writers Sunday, July 10, 2011

More than 13 people may have known of alleged abuse endured by Christian Choate before his 2009 death, but most said nothing to authorities, a Times review of Indiana Department of Child Services records shows. Only one adult claims to have brought her concerns to law enforcement. The rest appear to have kept silent -- some claiming fear, others because they allegedly were the ones hurting the boy.


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