Friday, July 22, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Former Fiance Says Lee Anthony Groped Sister, Affair Denied

Casey Anthony Trial: Former Fiance Says Lee Anthony Groped Sister

By JESSICA HOPPER June 28, 2011

A former fiance of Casey Anthony testified today that the Florida woman's brother once groped her while she slept and that she wanted to keep her daughter Caylee away from him.

Jesse Grund testified at Casey Anthony's murder trial without jurors in the room. Judge Belvin Perry will decide Wednesday whether the testimony is admissible.

If his testimony is allowed, it could help the defense's claims that Casey Anthony suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her brother and father. Casey Anthony, 25, is accused of murderinig daughter Caylee and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Her father, George Anthony, has denied the abuse accusations. Lee Anthony has never been asked directly by the prosecution or defense if he abused his sister.

Another former boyfriend of Casey Anthony, Tony Lazzaro, previously testified that the Florida woman said her father was physically abusive and that Lee Anthony had tried to "feel her up" but didn't succeed....

George Anthony Denies Affair With Caylee Search Volunteer

Casey Anthony's father also took the stand today and was questioned about reports that he had an affair with a volunteer searcher named Krystal Holloway and once confessed to her that Caylee's disappearance was an "accident that snowballed out of control."

George Anthony denied ever saying that. He also denied ever having a romantic or intimate relationship with Holloway who also goes by the name River Cruz.

George Anthony laughed off the accusations, saying it was funny to him that the defense would think he had an affair. However, he attacked Holloway's character.

"I never had a romantic affair with Krystal Holloway or River Cruz…she has a questionable past…she is not a good person," George Anthony said.

He admitted to going to Holloway's home by himself. He said he was consoling her because she had revealed to him and his wife, Cindy Anthony, that she had a brain tumor.

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