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THE ORGANISED AND RITUALISED ABUSE OF CHILDREN: THE CURRENT INTERNATIONAL SITUATION February 26, 2020 at the West Park Conference Centre, Perth Road in Dundee, Scotland

Child and ritual abuse researchers from across the globe came to Dundee to discuss the impact and prevalence of ritual abuse and organized abuse on children. The conference examined the present situation in the world and UK to help workers and supporters in the field of organized and ritualized abuse.

Organized abuse can involve multiple adults who plan and sexually abuse children. It includes trafficking, child abuse, sexual exploitation and pedophilia rings.

Ritual abuse can be defined as organized sexual, physical and psychological abuse, which can be systematic and sustained over a long period of time using rituals.

This is the second conference organized by Eighteen And Under and Izzy’s Promise. Conference goals included increasing awareness of ritual abuse to everyone in the survivor sector.

Eighteen and Under provides confidential support and information to any child or young person who has experienced any form of abuse or violence.

Izzy’s Promise provides information, resources and training for agencies that support ritual abuse survivors. They have over 10 years of experience delivering ritual abuse support training, providing confidential, practical and emotional support to RA survivors as well as conducting research into causes and prevention of ritual and organized abuse.

Dr Laurie Matthew OBE, coordinator of charity Eighteen And Under, who presented at the conference stated: “This conference provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness and learn more about organized and ritual abuse from leading experts, academics and practitioners in the field.”

Research review statistics – Dr. Laurie Matthew 

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (for people who grew up in care)

Research review statistics – In the UK:  1 in 6 children suffer child sexual abuse. 21% of children in local authority care are exposed to suspected or confirmed sexual exploitation every year.
Others presenters at the conference included:

Dr Michael Salter, a Scientia Fellow and associate professor of criminology at the University of New South Wales. His research focuses on organized forms of child sexual abuse.

Dark Justice, an organization who catch potential sex offenders who try to groom and meet up with children presented via video.

Neil Brick (a ritual abuse survivor) and creator of the S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind control And Ritual Abuse Today) newsletter.

Misinformation Campaigns Against Survivors – Neil Brick
Child and ritual abuse survivors and their advocates have been attacked by misinformation campaigns the last several years. These campaigns use various harassment and propaganda techniques to distort the research and silence the efforts of those who are working to help trauma survivors and rape victims. These techniques will be compared to past and present public campaigns that have distorted information and used unethical tactics to manipulate public opinion. Propaganda and suggestion techniques used will be discussed and analyzed.

Dr Sarah Nelson, Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee who has presented widely for decades on sexual abuse issues.

In this presentation I want to make some reflections on belief and disbelief in ritual abuse, and on why backlash theories such as satanic panic and false memory syndrome were so readily believed and are still potent, despite their numerous flaws. But I also want to interconnect the disbelief by outsiders including professionals, many media and public with the disbelief and doubts of survivors themselves, and think about the interplay and mutual strengthening which has long taken place. I think that is perhaps a neglected aspect of the discourse of disbelief yet it is important and relevant.

Ritual Abuse Network Scotland (RANS) provides information and a safe place to talk for survivors of ritual abuse.

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