Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Scottish child abuse inquiry, Leah Remini on Scientology's Abuse, Understanding the lure and persuasiveness of cults

- First hearings in child abuse inquiry to get under way
- SCOTS ABUSE PROBE What is the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry?
- Leah Remini on Scientology's Abuse: 'It Should Be Everyone's Fight'
- Understanding the lure and persuasiveness of cults

First hearings in child abuse inquiry to get under way
The first hearings in the Scottish child abuse inquiry are set to get under way in Edinburgh later.

More than 60 institutions, including several top private schools and church bodies, are being investigated.

The inquiry, which is being chaired by Lady Smith, will look in detail at historical abuse of children in residential care.

It is expected to report in late 2019 - more than four years after it was set up.

The inquiry states its purpose as being "to investigate the nature and extent of abuse of children whilst in care in Scotland", while considering "the extent to which institutions and bodies with legal responsibility for the care of children failed in their duty", in particular seeking any "systemic failures"....

SCOTS ABUSE PROBE What is the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry? What is its aim and what organisations are being investigated?
The inquiry will raise public awareness of institutionalised abuse and reveal the reality of the suffering of child victims
By Matt Coyle 30th May 2017

....More than 100 locations identified as places children are believed to have been assaulted.

Prestigious private schools including Fettes College and Loretto are among the sites being investigated.

Eight institutions run by Christian religious orders are also named as part of the investigation.

Under historic care arrangements, Scottish children were sent to countries including Canada, Australia and New Zealand and organisations in these countries will also be probed.....

The overall aim and purpose of the Inquiry is to raise public awareness of the abuse of children in care, particularly in the past

It will allow the public to acknowledge the suffering of those children and a forum for validation of their experience and testimony.....

Leah Remini on Scientology's Abuse: 'It Should Be Everyone's Fight'
Jim Halterman May 28, 2017

Nobody is as surprised as actress Leah Remini that her A&E series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, was such a hit during its first season last year. Sure, she’s already written an autobiography (Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology) about her experiences in the organization and appeared on countless talk shows....

Now it's time for the government agencies whose job it is to protect people from dangerous cults like this to do something about it.

And the IRS not to allow an organization such as this to stand behind the First Amendment and give them free reign to abuse people. That's not why this amendment is there. It's there to protect people, to protect real religions and beliefs. This is not that. These are not that. This and other cults like it should not be recognized under this amendment. I obviously need to do more. The headlines should be about the abuses and the people writing these stories should be just as shocked and not use my name. I've learned a little bit in that way to be a little bit more selective and demand that people do their job and not put it on me and [former Scientology executive] Mike Rinder as our fight. We’re not anti-Scientologist, we're anti-bully and we're anti-abuse....

Understanding the lure and persuasiveness of cults
Cults are groups that hold persuasive power over their members and demand extreme dedication and subservience. How do cults lure people in and what happens on the inside? Why do people join controlling groups and how difficult is it for them to leave?

There are many stories about cults that have been involved with fraud, embezzlement and abuse. One such story is that of Australia's most notorious cult, The Family.

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