Tuesday, November 22, 2016

FBI ends child abuse investigation of Brad Pitt, Clerics alarmed by ‘witchcraft’ killings and missing children, Gatot Brajamusti named abuse suspect

- FBI ends child abuse investigation of Brad Pitt
- Clerics alarmed by ‘witchcraft’ killings, missing children
- Greater Jakarta: Gatot Brajamusti named abuse suspect

FBI ends child abuse investigation of Brad Pitt

CBS News November 22, 2016
LOS ANGELES -- The FBI is not further pursuing an investigation into an allegation of child abuse against Brad Pitt, the agency announced on Tuesday.

The FBI said it had conducted a review of the alleged incident and no charges will be filed.

Pitt has been accused of abuse in an alleged altercation involving his son Maddox, 15, aboard a plane that landed in Los Angeles in September....

Clerics alarmed by ‘witchcraft’ killings, missing children
Nov. 23, 2016 By GEORGE MURAGE
Clerics in Naivasha have expressed alarm at what they suspect are ritual and withcraft killings and abductions.

They called for investigation and punishment of criminals involved in crimes against women and children.

They also want deportation of traditional healers tback to Uganda and Tanzania.

They cited the recent case on Karagita Estate where two minors were murdered and mutilated. They said many minors are missing.

After the children were murdered, Karagita residents last week raided several houses belonging to suspected witchdoctors and collected paraphernalia....

Greater Jakarta: Gatot Brajamusti named abuse suspect
The Jakarta Post Jakarta  Tue, November 15 2016

The Jakarta Police have named cult leader, and husband of singer Reza Artamevia, Gatot Brajamusti a suspect for the sexual abuse of several of his followers.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Awi Setiyono said DNA evidence supported the abuse allegations made by a number of his former female followers. “The suspect did not deny [the police’s findings],” Awi said.

Investigators have charged Gatot under the 2002 Child Protection Law and the Criminal Code, with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

One of his victims filed a police report in September after Gatot’s cult came into spotlight, following a police raid on Gatot’s compound in Sukabumi, West Java.

She claimed Gatot had raped her over the previous 10 years, starting from when she was 16 years of age....He is alleged to have used crystal methamphetamine in his ritual activities including having sex with many women....

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