Monday, October 17, 2016

Rotherham child abuse charges: Eight guilty, Child abuse survivors call for £20m in compensation for victims, StopChildAbuse on Tumblr

- Rotherham child abuse charges: Eight guilty
- Child abuse survivors call for £20m in compensation for victims

Rotherham child abuse charges: Eight guilty

Eight men have been found guilty of 16 charges related to the sexual abuse of three girls in Rotherham between 1999 and 2003....

Det Ch Insp Martin Tate said they had committed "vile crimes"....

They "sexualised" their victims, some as young as 13, and subjected them to "degrading and violent" acts....

After the verdict, Det Ch Insp Martin Tate of South Yorkshire Police said the trial marked the culmination of three years investigative work by police, Rotherham Council and the Crown Prosecution Service into the calculated and organised sexual exploitation of young girls.

He said the verdicts were of "massive importance" to the victims, who suffered years of abuse....

Peter Mann, of Yorkshire and Humberside Crown Prosecution Service, paid tribute to the victims.

"In contrast to the courage and strength of the victims, these men's actions are utterly abhorrent," he said.

"They waged a campaign of sexual violence and intimidation against young girls in the Rotherham area 13 years ago.

"Sageer Hussain in particular took a leading role in befriending the young girls, and in the case of one victim, passed her on to his friends and other associates.".... 

Child abuse survivors call for £20m in compensation for victims

17 October 2016

Survivors of historic child abuse are calling for a £20m compensation scheme to be set up for victims.

The proposed package includes a £10,000 payment to each of the 524 victims who came forward to the Historic Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA).

Some have claimed the payment could save the public purse millions, as opposed to going through the courts.

Details of the scheme were outlined on Monday by the Survivors and Victims of Institutional Abuse group (SAVIA)....

The HIA inquiry is examining allegations of child abuse in children's homes and other residential institutions in Northern Ireland from 1922 to 1995.

It began its public evidence sessions at the former Banbridge Court House in January 2014 and is due to report to the Northern Ireland Executive in January 2017.

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