Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Minnesota cult leader charged with 59 counts of child sex abuse, British paedophile sentenced to 85 years in US for trafficking child abuse images

Minnesota cult leader charged with 59 counts of child sex abuse

Published June 21, 2016 Fox News Latino
PINE CITY, Minn. (AP) –  A judge set bail at $1.5 million Monday for a religious sect leader who's charged with sexually abusing girls at a secluded compound in rural Minnesota.

Victor Barnard, 54, made his first state court appearance since his extradition from Brazil. U.S. marshals delivered him to the Pine County Jail on Saturday.

Pine County prosecutors charged Barnard in April 2014 with 59 counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having sexual relationships with two girls in his "Maidens Group" at his River Road Fellowship compound near Finlayson, about 90 miles north of Minneapolis.

The U.S. Marshals Service put him on its most wanted fugitives list, and authorities finally caught up with him in a Brazilian resort town in February 2015. Brazilian authorities said he had arrived in Brazil in March 2012....

According to the criminal complaint, the two women told investigators they were among about 10 girls and young women who were chosen to live apart from their families in what was called the Shepherd's Camp. One alleged Barnard started abusing her when she was 13, continuing until she was 22. The other said she was abused between ages 12 and 20.

Investigators have said Barnard used religious coercion and intimidation to maintain his control over them. They've also said they believe Barnard abused other girls but were unable to get others to come forward....

British paedophile sentenced to 85 years in US for trafficking child abuse images
Domminich Shaw, a ‘kingpin’ of sexual violence against children, sent dozens of images online and discussed plans to assault and kill a child while on probation

Jon Swaine in New York  Wednesday 29 June 2016
A convicted British paedophile has been sentenced to 85 years in an American prison for running an online exchange of child abuse images while he was on probation.

Domminich Shaw used the unprotected wireless internet connections of his neighbours in west London to traffic in dozens of videos and pictures of babies and toddlers being sexually abused. He also discussed a plan to kidnap, rape and murder a child.

Shaw, 35, began trading the material almost immediately after being released from a three-year prison sentence in the UK in 2008 for sexually assaulting four young girls, prosecutors said, raising questions about the supervision of British sex offenders.

Prosecutors said Shaw was “among the worst offenders involved in child pornography trafficking ever encountered by United States law enforcement” and they had requested a 570-year sentence. “No such person should be walking the streets,” they said.

He was sentenced this week by a federal judge in Indiana after pleading guilty to 26 charges including conspiracies to receive, distribute and advertise child abuse images. He was extradited from the UK in December 2014.

“Shaw was in every measurable respect the kingpin and primary promoter of sexual violence and abuse involving tragically young and vulnerable children” in his online circle of paedophiles, according to a court filing by the US government.
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He operated under the online name “Nepi”, an abbreviation of nepiophelia – sexual attraction towards babies and toddlers. He created and administered a website called “Nepi’s Kingdom” where paedophiles could download abuse images....

Shaw’s home in London was raided by the Metropolitan Police in January 2011. Officers found on a laptop, DVDs and memory sticks about 18,000 “carefully sorted” images of abused, dead and mutilated infants, a court filing said....

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