Thursday, December 10, 2015

Teachers and medical staff among 682 child abuse suspects arrested

Teachers and medical staff among 682 child abuse suspects arrested
More than a hundred people in positions of trust among those arrested since March, newly released figures reveal
Jamie Grierson  Thursday 10 December 2015

A senior police chief has expressed fears that child abuse in Britain is on the rise as new data revealed teachers and medical staff were among hundreds of potential sex offenders arrested in the last nine months.

Chief constable Simon Bailey, the national policing lead for child protection, said it was his professional opinion that higher figures reflected more abuse being perpetrated rather than an increase in the number of victims coming forward....

Some 104 people in positions of trust were among 682 potential sex offenders arrested since March, according to figures from the National Crime Agency and police.

Among these figures are 32 working in education, 23 working in medicine and care, 15 working in law enforcement, criminal justice, armed forces and government. There were no MPs or lords arrested.

Of those arrested, 93% were not previously known to law enforcement in relation to child abuse and 147 have been charged.

In addition, in the six months to September this year, 187 British victims of abuse have been identified in seized indecent images – already higher than the 177 identified in the previous 12 months.

A total of 399 children have been safeguarded as a result of the operation....

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