Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Satanic ritual details emerge in gruesome murder of Texas teen

Satanic ritual details emerge in gruesome murder of Texas teen
Published June 17, 2015

describes graphic crimes

A ghastly, demonic twist was added to one of the most grisly murder cases the Houston area has witnessed in recent memory.

Harris County prosecutors said earlier this week that the 2014 murder of Corriann Cervantes was being investigated as a satanic ritual killing after an upside cross was found carved on her abdomen. Other Satanic symbols were discovered scrawled on the wall of the vacant apartment where she was killed, they said.

The new details were released as part of the ongoing capital murder trial of Victor Alas, who allegedly helped stab, beat and strangle Cervantes because he was afraid she would testify against him in his pending criminal cases....

During Reyes' trial, the prosecution read letters to the court that Reyes wrote while imprisoned in which he said the Devil was watching him and directing him to act during the brutal murder.

"He was standing there, watching me and Victor," the teen wrote in a letter read to jurors in that case. "It's all good. It's what the Devil asked for."....

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