Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Virginia Roberts claims FBI has videos of her having underage sex with Jeffrey Epstein and 'powerful friends'

Virginia Roberts claims FBI has videos of her having underage sex with Jeffrey Epstein and 'powerful friends'

Ms Roberts also claims she feared for her life during the allegedly abusive 'sexual activities I was forced to endure'   Adam Withnall Sunday 08 February 2015

The woman at the centre of the underage sex allegations against Prince Andrew has said she believes the FBI holds video evidence of her having sex with Jeffrey Epstein and “some of his powerful friends”.

In a sworn statement in the US courts, Virginia Roberts revealed this week that she believes Epstein “maintained videos in some rooms where I had sex with other powerful people” – and that “some kind of major cover-up is going on to protect” the billionaire financier.

Now 31 years old, Ms Roberts has claimed that when she was 17 she was forced to have sex with Epstein and a number of his friends while she was his “sex slave”. The age of consent is 18 in Florida, where two unnamed women are petitioning for Epstein to be prosecuted.

Among the friends and associates she claims to have had sex with is Prince Andrew. She said she had sex three times with the prince while she was aged 17.

Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace have stridently and repeatedly denied the claims....

Epstein’s lawyers have repeatedly denied Ms Roberts’ claims, and did so again in a recent filing....

The financier was convicted in 2008 of one count of soliciting sex from an underage girl and sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Mr Epstein only served 13 months in jail before before being released and forced to register as a sex offender. It has been alleged that Mr Epstein received special treatment from US prosecutor after lobbying from Prince Andrew, something Buckingham Palace has also denied. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/prince-andrew-sex-allegations-virginia-roberts-claims-fbi-has-videos-of-her-underage-sex-with-jeffrey-epstein-and-powerful-friends-10031803.html

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