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I won't quit, says head of inquiry into cover-up of child sex abuse despite her BROTHER sitting in the Cabinet in the 1980s, Keith Vaz demands information about 'missing' child abuse files

I won't quit, says head of inquiry into cover-up of child sex abuse despite her BROTHER sitting in the Cabinet in the 1980s

    Former High Court judge to lead panel inquiry into abuse allegations
    It will examine allegations about politicians, police, judiciary and the BBC
    But Labour MP Keith Vaz expressed 'surprise' at her appointment
    Lady Butler-Sloss's brother was attorney general in the Cabinet 1979-87

By Matt Chorley, Mailonline Political Editor

9 July 2014

Former High Court judge Baroness Butler-Sloss today rejected criticism of her appointment to lead an inquiry into claims of an Establishment cover-up of child sex abuse, despite her brother being in the Cabinet at the time.

She is to lead a panel of experts investigating allegations that politicians, the police, the judiciary, celebrities, the BBC, the NHS and the Church conspired to cover-up abuse over several decades.

But her brother, Sir Michael Havers, sat in the Conservative Cabinet as attorney general from 1979-87, the period in which much of the alleged abuse is said to have taken place.

Downing Street refused to comment on whether Baroness Butler-Sloss's family connections were considered before announcing her appointment.

Sir Michael was accused of a 'cover-up' in the early 1980s over a refusal to prosecute Foreign Office diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, who was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Sir Michael, who died in 1992, is said to have had a 20 minute argument outside the Commons chamber with Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in the 1980s in an attempt to stop him using parliamentary privilege to name diplomat Sir Peter as a paedophile....

Harriet Harman today called for the child sex abuse inquiry to examine links between a civil liberties group she used to work for and the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

Labour’s deputy leader worked as legal officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties between 1978 and 1982, when PIE was one of its affiliates.

Ms Harman said Baroness Butler-Sloss's inquiry should 'obviously' look into PIE.

She told BBC Radio 4: 'The thing about PIE, which was so pernicious about it, is that they infiltrated organisations, so they infiltrated social work organisations, they infiltrated even the Home Office as it turns out, and obviously that is deeply regrettable.

'What they did is they said they were just for free speech and talking about sexual identity, but actually what they were doing was covering up for their own evil child abuse.

Keith Vaz demands information about 'missing' child abuse files
Home Office told to provide any details about 114 official files linked to allegations of 1980s paedophile ring by Friday

Alan Travis, home affairs editor, Tuesday 8 July 2014

The chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, Keith Vaz, has demanded that the Home Office provides by Friday the titles and any other information known about the "missing" 114 official files linked to allegations of a 1980s paedophile ring at Westminster.

Mark Sedwill, the Home Office's most senior mandarin, undertook to try to provide further details on the missing 114 "potentially relevant" files but warned the MPs that most of them had "probably been destroyed".

Sedwill, the Home Office's permanent secretary, ordered the inquiry which revealed the "missing" files last year after complaints about the fate of a 1980s dossier alleging abuse by prominent public figures sent to then home secretaries by the late Geoffrey Dickens MP....

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