Friday, August 24, 2012

422 sex abuse claims filed against Christian Brothers

422 sex abuse claims filed against Christian Brothers

Roughly 160 originate from Newfoundland and Labrador; religious order declared bankruptcy in 2011 CBC News Aug 23, 2012

The final number for claims against the Christian Brothers in North America is in, surprising even some of the lawyers handling them.  Christian Brothers entities in North America declared bankruptcy last year. The deadline for filing suit against the order expired Aug. 1. The total number of claims approved is 422. About 160 are from Newfoundland and Labrador. The rest originate from the United States....

The claims are for alleged sexual abuse only. Those from this province go back as far as 1940 and continue into the early 1960s. About a third of the American claims come from Washington state where the brothers had an orphanage. Another third come from New York state. The rest originate from places as scattered as New Jersey, Illinois, Montana, California and Hawaii.

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