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Brooklyn Prosecutor's Role in Abuse Case Is Examined, Historical event unfolds in Canada (quiet genocide of certain indigenous peoples), Anneli Auer sentenced to 7 years for sex crimes (articles about possible Satanic Ritual Abuse)

- Brooklyn Prosecutor's Role in Abuse Case Is Examined
- Leaked Breaking News Release - An historical event unfolds in Canada (quiet genocide of certain indigenous peoples)
- Anneli Auer sentenced to 7 years for sex crimes (related articles about possible Satanic Ritual Abuse)

Brooklyn Prosecutor's Role in Abuse Case Is Examined
By RAY RIVERA  June 28, 2012
For years, Avrohom Mondrowitz counseled children out of his home in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. He was host of a call-in radio show popular among ultra-Orthodox Jewish listeners, claiming to be a rabbi and psychologist. But law enforcement  officials say Mr. Mondrowitz, who fled to Israel in 1984 to avoid arrest, was also something else: “a compulsive pedophile.”

The Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, has repeatedly said that since taking office in 1990, he has vigorously tried to extradite Mr. Mondrowitz. Mr. Hynes has said his office was instrumental in bringing about a change in a treaty between the United States and Israel in 2007 that had thwarted early extradition efforts.

But newly disclosed documents from Mr. Hynes’s office cast doubts on his accounts of his role in the case, suggesting that for many years, the office paid little attention to it.

Michael Lesher, a writer and lawyer who represents several of Mr. Mondrowitz’s accusers, obtained 103 pages of files on the case from the district attorney’s office after a protracted court battle to secure them under the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

“There isn’t a single e-mail, a single letter, a single memo, either originating from the D.A.’s office or addressed to it, that so much as mentions any attempt by the D.A. to seek a change in the extradition treaty,” Mr. Lesher said. “It’s just inconceivable that such important negotiation on such a detailed issue could have taken place and not left a trace in the documentary record.”

Mr. Hynes has long been criticized by advocacy groups representing victims of child sexual abuse, who claimed that he was too accommodating of politically influential ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis, many of whom teach that such crimes should be handled by rabbinical authorities.

Scrutiny of his office intensified last month after articles in The New York Times raised questions about his handling of sexual abuse cases among the ultra-Orthodox.

Mr. Hynes has defended his record, but after the articles were published, he promised to push for legislation making it mandatory for rabbis to report abuse. He also set up a task force to crack down on witness intimidation, which has stymied many sexual abuse cases in the community.

The Mondrowitz case has long been one of the most notorious child sexual abuse cases in Brooklyn.

Mr. Mondrowitz was charged with molesting five boys, but Amy Neustein, editor of the book “Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals,” which includes a history of the case, said she believed he had at least 100 victims.

Mr. Mondrowitz, now 64, has denied the charges.... http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/29/nyregion/hyness-claims-on-extradition-of-abuse-suspect-are-challenged.html  

July 3, 2012 Leaked Breaking News Release - An historical event unfolds in Canada
On July 4th, 2012, united citizens groups in Canada will file an ex-parte motion to be argued in Federal Court on July 9th, with respect to the quiet genocide of certain indiginous peoples in Canada. Learn more here: http://federalclassactions.wordpress.com

Anneli Auer sentenced to 7 years for sex crimes
29.6.2012 - Auer is to serve seven years while her former boyfriend will spend ten years behind bars for sexual and other violent crimes. Auer became a household name after being convicted of murdering her husband in 2006, though she was later acquitted on appeal.

The Southwest Finland District Court handed down a sealed ruling on Friday afternoon. The court found the duo guilty on 11 counts of assault that took place between 2007 and 2009. Charges included aggravated rape, aiding and abetting aggravated rape and aggravated sexual abuse.  A statement issued by the court said the defendants were not convicted of crimes related to satanic worship, as suggested by earlier investigations. An appeal is expected in the case. http://yle.fi/uutiset/anneli_auer_sentenced_to_7_years_for_sex_crimes/6200361

Outo piirros "vuohen päästä"
Tällainen on yksi poliisin uusista todisteista http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/2012050815548470_uu.shtml
google translate version:
A strange cartoon "goat to get" Such is one of the police on the new evidence
Tuesday 05.08.2012

Jukka S. Lahti killed further investigation of the accumulated material is also incorporated herein by Anneli Auer letter written from prison to their children. Another letter, from cartoons patterns is a police expert, a symbol that describes the goat's head. The letter was also drawn in barbed wire-like image. Another letter, from cartoons patterns is a police expert, a symbol that describes the goat's head. The letter was also drawn in barbed wire-like image.

The letter Auer jokes to their children for some reason its intention to acquire a tattoo, which he has drawn a picture of the letter also. Auer says the letter, that is inspired by browsing the images in prison tattoo magazines.

The police have been killed as part of Ulvila further investigation are interested in the letter from cartoons of charts, and pictures of the letter has been accessed devil worshiping skill in the art, an expert in the investigation of the person interviewed.

The prosecutor estimates that Jukka S. Gulf of killing a further investigation found more evidence of devil worshiping. Anneli Auer has vigorously challenged the prosecutor's arguments.

Another Anneli Auer for their children to write a letter piirrettu pattern is a police interview with an expert of the goat's head symbol of a significant, and the second one resembles the barbed wire. He arrived at the letter style depicted refer to both of Gothicism.

The reasons as to why the letter and it contains images are accompanied by a police investigation, a court heard in more detail, if the Supreme Court agrees to the prosecutor's petition to take the case may be referred....

"Rituaaleja verellä ja tuhkalla"
Syyttäjien rajut väitteet: Auer sekaantunut saatananpalvontaan http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/2012050815544597_uu.shtml
Google translate version:
"Rituals with the blood and ashes' Prosecutors violent arguments: Auer involved in devil worshiping Tuesday 05.08.2012

Anneli Auer, where according to prosecutors, Jukka S. Gulf of murder is evidence of devil worshiping. Prosecutors theme is a certificate that is implicated in Anneli devil Auer, and it is possible that the case has been henkirikoksessa forces.

Vaasa Court of Appeal freed Auer murder charges last July, but prosecutors have applied the Supreme Court for leave to appeal. Prosecutors, the Supreme Court provided additional material on the public decision has now been completed. Additional material is more than 2000 pages. According to prosecutors, devil worshiping refer to, inter alia, Auer slain wife, Jukka S. Gulf of the upper arm near the puncture wounds formed up under the cross patterns. The cross upside-down is commonly used by the Satanist character.

The Gulf of blood and ashes have been treated according to prosecutors by referring to devil worshiping rituals. The investigation is the prosecutor's view, was raised in the other devil worshiping suggestive of things, such as incising, animal sacrifices and other rituals.

Further investigation is Prosecutor's Office, received concrete evidence that the Gulf of Auer and had quarreled often, and that Auer had taken against his or her family violence. This makes the prosecution of the Auer reports and credibility should give henkirikokselle motive. Additional investigation is still pending, and a defense lawyer, Juha Auer mainland yet issued its final opinion. Prosecutor's Office, the investigation is substantially delayed the disclosed Auer and his former friend, a man of sexual and violent criminal suspicion.

Puolustus: Anneli Auer ei tunne saatananpalvontaa http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/2012050815546280_uu.shtml
Google translate version:

Defense: Anneli Auer does not know satanism
Tuesday 05.08.2012
Anneli Auer defense denies the allegations of devil worshiping.
Anneli Auer lawyer in the audience would like to know what the arguments are from the devil.
Anneli Auer lawyer in the audience would like to know what the arguments are from the devil. (JOHN Palme)

The defense of Anneli Auer does not know Satan worship, even as a concept or phenomenon.
Ulvila murder case prosecutors, according to the story further investigation has revealed evidence of devil worshiping. They argue that Auer's henkirikoksessa can be no question of devil worshiping. Auer has denied guilt in death of her husband. He was released from the court of appeal, but prosecutors are trying to get the story to the Supreme Court.

A woman lawyer Juha Manner that it would be good if the audience would know what the prosecutors based their findings on devil worshipping.

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