Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Thousands of UK children trafficked for `sex parties'
Paedophiles are trafficking children as young as 10 By TED THORNHILL - Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Thousands of children as young as 10 are the victims of 'organised abuse' in the UK with paedophiles moving them around the country to 'parties' where they are forced to have sex.

Children's charity Barnado's says that these children are the victims of organised trafficking and accuses councils of not doing enough to help them.
Its report Whose Child Now? says that of the 200 local authorities in Britain, only 40 have departments dedicated to helping victims of sexual exploitation.
The report's author, Lisa Stacey, told BBC News: 'Wherever we have been asked by a council to carry out research we have come across young people who have been exploited.

'This is organised sexual abuse and it can often involve the victim being moved from one place to another. More than half the victims regularly go missing.'
The victims often feel unable to speak out about their ordeals because they are threatened with violence or beaten up.

Ms Stacey says that the children return to their care home or family with the explanations such as 'I've been staying with friends'.
She adds: 'The children are basically brainwashed. Some will even believe that the man who is grooming them is their boyfriend. It can take some of them a year of counselling to realise that they've been abused.

'We're talking about gangs of men, perhaps with a legitimate front. In Scotland, we discovered children being brought from outlying areas into cities. We know of children being moved from north-east England to London, or from Yorkshire to London or Manchester.' http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?Thousands_of_UK_children_trafficked_for_%91sex_parties&in_article_id=771190&in_page_id=34

Lincoln Memorial Speech
- written by Kathleen Sullivan, NAFF founder and president for the FASCA Rally in Washington DC on 11/14/09 My name is Kathleen Sullivan. I am a survivor of extreme abuse and a former slave. I am also a clinical social worker. Today, I'm here to represent the North American Freedom Foundation (NAFF), a nonprofit foundation that I started in 1996....many victims of extreme abuse are still being held against their will, even if there are no shackles or prison bars. Although some are kept in cages and tunnels and basements and other physical prisons, the majority are kept in prisons inside their heads. This is why so many of us use the term "mind control" when we refer to the psychological abuse that we've endured....very few of us truly understand the lasting neurobiological effects of extreme abuse.We're still learning how the worst forms of abuse and trauma affect victims. One of the most telling signs that a person has experienced extreme abuse is that he or she displays extreme reactions. Three extreme reactions that are quite common in the extreme abuse survivor community are extreme fear and distrust; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). http://naffoundation.org/Lincoln%20Memorial%20Speech.htm

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