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research study on ritual abuse-torture, child abuse statistics

Research on discrimination and stigmatization of persons who have survived non-state actor torture, including ritual abuse-torture, spousal and child torture

Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald are asking persons who have endured, or are enduring, non-state actor torture such as ritual abuse-torture, or spousal and child torture to participate in their research questionnaire linked below:
Non-state actor torture is defined as torture committed, for instance, by parents, spouses, other kin, guardians, neighbours, trusted adults, or strangers in the private sphere, for example, in homes, warehouses, cabins, rented buildings, in fields, or in various public and private places.
Discrimination is described as being treated unjustly and stigmatized is being treated as unworthy or labeled after telling a non-offender about the torture endured.

for more information on Ritual Abuse-Torture see:

The Times Poll - 22% in Survey Were Child Abuse Victims By Lois Timmick Times Staff Writer 4/25/85 At least 22% of Americans have been victims of child sexual abuse, although one-third of them told no one at the time and lived with their secret well into adulthood, a Los Angeles Times Poll has found. In what is believed to be the first nationwide study of the extent of child molestation, 2,627 adults, chosen randomly, talked about their views of the problem and their own childhood experiences, and in the process they shattered some myths about victims, perpetrators and public attitudes. Twenty-seven percent of the women who participated in the telephone survey and 16% of the men said they had been molested as children--suggesting that the problem is more widespread than earlier, smaller studies have suggested....Abusers include friends and acquaintances (42%), strangers (27%) and relatives (23%). About half the abusers could be classified as "someone in authority."
Fewer than half the victims told someone--usually a parent, other relative or friend--about being molested within a year. Only 3% reported the incident to the police or other public agency.
One in three of the victims said they had never told anyone about the molestation until this survey, most often because they were afraid or ashamed, but in 10% of the cases because they did not consider the abuse serious. Seven of 10 who did tell said no effective action was taken.
The public appears to have been well educated about some aspects of child sexual abuse. The respondents correctly perceived that molesters are more likely to be someone the victim knows than a stranger. Friends or acquaintances accounted for 44% of the molestations that involved sexual intercourse, the poll found, while 25% of the intercourse was perpetrated by relatives, usually an uncle but sometimes a parent or stepparent, and 19% by "strangers."
More than half the victims--and 47% of the public--agree with the statement that "sexual assault within families is very common."....As for the effects of sexual abuse on children, 95% of those polled say they believe that sexual abuse would have a "very great" or "some effect" on its young victims--mostly in emotional damage--and would permanently affect their lives. Victims agreed with that assessment.
These Los Angeles Times Poll results are from responses from 2,627 adults nationwide questioned between July 20-25. 22% said they have been a victim of child sexual abuse, including 27% of all women asked and 16% of men asked.

The Times Poll - Children's Abuse Reports Reliable, Most Believe
By Los Timnick Times Staff Writer 4/26/85 Most Americans believe that children can reliably describe sexual abuse that occurred years before, and those who are aware of the McMartin Pre-School molestation case believe that at least some of the child witnesses are telling the truth, a nationwide Los Angeles Times poll has found. Seventy-nine percent of those polled said they are "certain" that children under 13 are capable of giving accurate accounts of much earlier events, and 86% of those who had themselves been victimized as children said those accounts should be believed....One in three of those familiar with the McMartin case said they believe that "most" of the children had been sexually abused, and half said they believe that at least "some" had been molested. Ninety percent of those who identified themselves as having been child victims of sexual intercourse said they believe at least some of the child witnesses' testimony.

VDAY - International Incest Statistics

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